The verdict is in, passed sentence. After 90 days, 6 days to execution

White Cheese auto. 1st true leaf on 01-18-21.

![P1010003 (10)|668x500] Regular paint roller cover (upload://sRl9zqlGfloIN4cehgEVlRKlmkt.jpeg)
Not very good close ups I’m afraid.
Gonna have a few nice sunny days on the patio, then in a dark solitary holding until Last Rites.


So, this is the haul…

Not even gonna guess at the weight at this point. Will update when they go into jars. Biggest buds are 12-15".


Nice plant.
Why did you chop it? I see pistils are still white.
Good grow though you should be proud, I wish I could grow outside in January! Haha

Still had a few white pistils but those pics were a week ago. Plant was dying off pretty quickly and I had already sampled a bud that broke off :confounded: couple weeks prior. This is my 3rd plant harvested and learn something each time.

She is actually from indoor grow. Was just gettin a little sun.

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Well congrats you made it to harvest! And got some to last you until the next one.

Stripped and put in jars today. 65g final weight. Rh holding at 52%.

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