Paper towel then soil, 7 days in

This a follow up to little pots after 7 days not growing ( just found out how to create post ) Can I repot, may have been overwatered.Now need to find out how to get photos here, 54yrs and not a tech whizz :slight_smile:

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Can you post a few plant pics Grow Bro :love_you_gesture:

Click this icon for pics that are in your phone library :love_you_gesture:

This planted same time
as was this Diesel which has used up it’s cotyledons and one of it’s tiny true leaves, one is starting to brown @ tip, been in dappled sunlight but hardly any upward growth in 7 days, misting with distilled water.

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What medium are they planted in Brother? Seedlings require very little water and a lot of humidity. Take a clear solo cup, mist the inside and cover the seedlings. They absorb the humidity from inside the dome. Keep temps around 76-85 for the next few weeks removing the dome daily for fresh air and the remist the inside of the dome. Once the soil dries, water a shot glass or 2 every 3 days around the outside of the dome and remove the dome completely when the leaves are touching the sides. What light and setting are you using :love_you_gesture:


Thank you OG :+1:

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Keep me posted Grow Bro, I’ll tag along for the ride :love_you_gesture: make sure the pots have holes in the bottom for drainage, it’s very easy to dampen of the tiny tap root (Drowning)


This maybe long,sorry not getting straight back to you as only allowed 3 posts 1st time ( which seems a bit silly as come here for advice and also seems rude like I didn’t / couldn’t respond to you ) Any way here is the medium

Put them to ‘bed’ after running hot shower for humidity then replaced cloches. All popped over night:) Misted them this morning but should I replace cloches ? 28°C here.

Another thing, I seem to have twins, is that even possible or did I sow 2 seeds in same pot and how / should I seperate them ?

Much thanks for the cloche tip but should I keep them on considering sun & temperature here ? Only 50% humidity though.