Overwater or underwater?

So we’re 46 days and all my plants look really good except for a few. They were growing great and then started to look really saggy and claw like. The leaves feel kinda paper thin. I think!!We water our plant on a daily basis. All together we have 24 and we give them a gallon of water a day so I’m convinced that they are underwater and my husband is convinced they are overwater. Every morning when we wake up our soil is dry.They are 20210904_080604|375x500

all planted in reusable fabric pots. We are getting ready to flip but we have to wait a couple more days. Any advice or suggestions would be appreciated. Happy gardening everyone :blush:

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I water every other day or so with a good soak every week or so…


One gallon for all 24? Should be around a gallon each at this stage then repeat in 3-4 days when they dry out.



I water to runoff (at least 20%) then I don’t water again until the soil is dry up to my second knuckle or the pot feels light.

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