Overall heat questions

I was given 77-86F as a general range for acceptable temperatures for growing. Also, as I continue to do research on different strains, some do mention that they like warmer temperatures without stating a range. Is 80-85 a good range for growing, or is it too hot?

Also, there should be a difference in temp of the over all tent and the canopy level due to the light. So what do these ranges refer too? Clearly the canopy will be hotter as it’ll be the closest to the light.

I keep mine right around 79-82

If we said “no,” would you have the resources to lower the temperature?

Of course! Hence the question :slight_smile:

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Keep it around 75-80 and you’ll be just fine

Mine creeps up to about 81-82 some days

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Temperature values usually refer to leaf surface temperature, not air temperature. Your hunch about canopy temperature was close. If you want to be super accurate, a laser thermometer is a nifty tool for reading LST.

I can recommend the GoVee H5075 temperature/humidity tracker. It logs data to your smartphone. Spikes above 82f are okay, and in some instances they’re even useful (pest control). But for the most part you want to keep your temperature in that 78-82 range.


@PharmerBob @KeystoneCops I appreciate y’all’s responses so much! This has all been very helpful.