Over kill light trying to get diy<

Hi guys question regarding my one light. I have it in 3x3 spider farm tent. I planned on putting the new bar style spider farm light in it but it says it isn’t good for flower only veg so I assumed I needed a larger light so I searched I found a great deal on the kuarez 4000 light with 301d and mean well driver worked great for a week at 100% then I got tacoed leaves so now I’ve bn running it at 40% now it does look better only one plant of the 2 tacoed really but having problems getting it to bounce back its growing tall I raised light high as I could did I make a mistake in light do I need to run more nutrients with a larger light or am I waisting time I need a smaller light? I do like light very Brite has remote and I thought the 301d n mw driver would suffice? Any suggestions greatly appreciated thanks fam!

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Are ur plants in flower or just vegging

Spider Farmer lights are good from seed to harvest. I’m not sure where you heard they were not but it was bad information. I’m not sure which sf light you are looking at but I’m pretty sure any of the bar lights from sf will be plenty of light for a 3x3.

Just a quick glance at the kuarez it’s a knockoff of the spider farmer sf4000 but it should work for your 3x3. I looked at the ppfd map and it looks like at 100%you will want to have the light 24 inches from the plant canopy


Sounds about right.

Got any pictures? And what distance have u been running?