Over Decarboxylating

I accidentally left my buds in the oven overnight. The wife wanted toast any the morning. Turned the oven on without taking anything out and Boom house full of aroma 2x. Now they’re darker than usual and I’m worried did I lose all my thc.

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@blackthumbbetty might be someone that can help with that.


Try smoking a little, see if you get anything. (Vaporizer or bong would prob be best).

Thats a long time to be in the oven.


Oh, wow. I wouldn’t have much hope, but you can always test some, like drinkslinger suggested.

What about for tincture

Were they in all night at temp or was the oven off? Also what was the hottest temp the oven reached with your bud in it?

250 and it wasn’t on all night…just reheated In The morning

It will be ok at 250f if it didn’t spend more than 2-3 hour there. Strongest dragon I ever made was bud and shake that I thought I overcooked. It was definitely brown when done.

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Ive had a couple ounces of undesirable commercial bud sitting in my drawer for a while now, not sure what to do with it. Its dark golden color, doesnt taste good, and low thc. Any ideas on how can I make the most of it?

Btw. The terpenes are great. It still smells super good. Doesnt taste the same though

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Big fat joint.
Turn it into butter.


You wouldnt want to smoke the amount of this stuff you would have to to get high. Someone suggested butter which is fine with me. Id probably add it all together. Would a tincture be more potent?

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I’ve never tried.
Butter/oil is the extent of my processing.
Maybe @blackthumbbetty has some suggestions.

I did taste it and got immediate munchies


I guess It’s good for something…

QWET! I always vote QWET, if you don’t want to smoke or make budder. :grinning:

If done right, you can make smokeable qwet concentrates, not just tinctures and such.


Thanks! I plan on using your qwet procedure. Just so Im clear, when the alcohol evaps the only thing left is the plant oil (or more if you shook or ground too much). So since this bud is kind of trash does that mean there will be less oil in the end or the same amount but less potent?

Also, as a big cannabutter guy Ive always wondered what the perfect ratio of flower to fat is when you cook. Like whats the most THC or oil that one TBS of fat will carry. Do you know?

Here’s the thing with concentrates: even if you end up with a small amount of concentrate, each gram will reliably contain between 600-850mg of cannabinoids, depending on how thoroughly you filter out waxes/lipids/etc (they add weight to your product, but not cannabinoids).

That’s why concentrates are so great: extremely easy to dose and significantly more potent (by weight and volume) than infusions.

I don’t know the saturation point of butter, myself. I know if you do 1 oz of bud to ½ cup oil, you get about 30 servings, ½ tbsp each.

How much can I use per jar with the QWET method? Ive got one good ball jar and some food ones. Does it need to be spread out?