Outside growing? When to start seeds? PNW

So I’m new to growing just recently did my first two plants outside but I’ve been around growing for quite some years now I’ve never tried growing outdoors until this last summer. now i am hooked! I was wondering if anyone could help me with the timeline as far as sewing seeds and planting them outside. Looks like I’m gonna shoot for putting my first batch out early April and then I will put another batch out at the end of April beginning of May just to be sure that if I put them out too early and I get a freeze and they die I will still have some thing else behind them ready to go. I want to grow a tree! Mendo county style! So I would like my plants to be about 3 feet tall when I bring them out. So I was wondering when I should start the seeds to get a plant that is approximately that height. And if anyone is familiar with growing in Pacific northwest. Mt hood area at about 1000ft elevation. Any strains that youve grown that worked well for this area. Thanks !

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Can’t say personally cuz I’ve never grown but I used to live in Gresham so I’m familiar with the weather. I’d recommend starting your seeds indoors, early is fine. Anywhere between February and March. Let ‘em veg and get started on the training. You can set them outside beginning in late April or May and if you don’t have to drag them in/out too much over that first month, you can go ahead and plant them directly into the ground. By end of May, the threat of frost is pretty much over.

By starting them early indoors, you give em longer veg time = bigger end plant. You also have plenty of time to cut clones and veg those out too, if you fancy.

If you’re doing autoflowers, I’d just get them started soaking in mid-April and throw them to the wolves by early May - first week or two. Then rinse and repeat in June for a 2nd wave of autos.


I have germinated seeds in February. Kept them in solo cups in front of a window for a while and had them in the ground in March. I had to go out and cover all of them with buckets a few times to keep the frost off, but it can be done. Like @Graysin said you can put them in the ground any time when the threat of frost is over and never have to worry about it. That’s when I always put the vast majority of my girls in the ground. If you put them out earlier just cover them if there’s a potential for frost.

I know in the description of ILGM seeds in the grey box part it tells what climate each strain thrives in. Just pick from those suitable for your region.


I’m not far from you. Just over the mountain in the high desert. I like to start ours the first part of March indoor. Due to the weather and light cycle I don’t put them outdoor tell the first of June. I don’t want any chance of them kickin into flower due to tossing them out to early. Plus the frost/freeze in Oregon can be very unpredictable.

Toss them out to soon they can frees se and start to flower due to lack of light. No one likes a re-vegged plant. It just doesn’t produce the flowers you are looking for.Toss them out to late (August) and you don’t get the overall mass, that Mendo mass you want.

Oregon crab produce some FiRe that’s for sure.

Happy farming…