When do you guys start Germinating for outdoors

When’s a good time to start indoors for outdoor grow . Without outgrowing my light source indoor and risk shocking when putting outdoors ?


What zone are you in?

I’m on the west coast and I drop my seeds late March and kick them outside mid May. I keep them vegging in the tent until they go outside so they are hearty enough to survive the elements. I also get them used to real sunlight for an 1,2,3,4, then 5 hours for about a week first.

Some people only wait until the seeds have about 3 nodes to put them. In that case you could start them later.

You can usually count on an October harvest for photos.


What if I’m not using a tent just a big window and small light
Not sure what zone but 14 hours of sun on may 10


Last year I had my garden girl planted on 5/16 she was just a sprout, this years going to be different


I like to starts ours March first. They will be grown indoors tell the first week of June. I’m in Oregon and if Onset any plants out before June 1st. Otherwise they have a chance of flowering due to the amount of light each day.
I just posted a little entry about the hardening phase. This is the transition from indoors to out. I will locate it for you.


I agree with caligurl. I live in Tennessee, I start plants mid March and set out early may after all chance of frost is over. Do you use containers or do you grow in the ground? I have done both. A lot of my ground is hard and rocky so it’s easier to use containers. I drive 1/2" rebar in ground for support. My plants might be a foot tall or better when I set them out. I don’t acclimate them to sunshine, when the timer is right I set them out to stay. They seem to do ok. Periodically, I spray insecticide around my grow. Another trick I learned, put a bowl of water with a few drops of dawn dishwashing and spoon of sugar at base of plants. Bugs are attracted to this and will die when they get in. I also harvest in oct. Hope this helps

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I will start to germinated them end of March in a small greenhouse, which is i open by day and close by night, as here temperature are already around 80F daytime and 60F by night. Than after a month I will set them fully outdoor

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The transition from indoor to outdoor is super important. I would highly suggest looking into it.

I guess I understand all of the transitions inside outside maybe I was lucky my garden dirt is fantastic and my 5/15 sprout was a bag seed mutant so thats already alot going against her well she made it to 10ft harvested in October not sure if it even cared abot the transition lol. I even a blind squirrel gets lucky now and then.

Don’t know where you are located, but I’m far enough North that I cannot put anything out until last week of May or first week of june. Otherwise the ground is still too cold. Anything I am growing from seed will be started four or five weeks before they can go outside. Which usually means middle to end of April.
I have already planted my regulars in the last 2 weeks so I can sex them, pick out the females, and get some clones started for outdoors. I planned about 3 months in advance to do this.
Just going to throw this out there, but according to the weather forecasters, we are supposed to have an above normal temperature, and above normal moisture for most of the United States this summer. I don’t know if I believe this but if it’s true outdoor growing is going to be very difficult at best. Plan accordingly.


Right now Is great!