Outside growing seeds

Hello everyone!! Its been a while since Ive been on here but it is that time of year that I need to start thinking about and getting ready fir this years crop. So I usually get started with a grow light for my seedlings then transplant to the outdoors. Whats the best plant for growing out doors? Id love to grow some of the grand pappy purple strain but I am open to suggestions. By the way last year’s harvest was pretty great. I haven’t had to buy weed for almost 6 months. This picture is only part of the harvest we got. I hope everyone is doing well and I will be looking for lots of suggestion on outdoor growing💜


Looking good! Congratulations on the harvest!

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I might lean towards mold resistant strains for outside grows. I would hate to get to the end of a long season only to lose some or all to bud rot. These are the listed strains for mold resistance. Mold Resistant Cannabis Seeds for Sale USA - ILGM
I would probably add a few auto flowers as well to get some early harvests before the fall rains and cold weather.
I looked back at your previous grow and saw some nice plants. Living in Kentucky you should have access to horse farms, or maybe even have horses yourself. Get some decomposed manure and work it into the ground where you will grow. Do this soon so it can start leeching nutrients into deeper soil. Last years plants looked a little pale and I think some fresh ferts would benefit your new plants.
This is the pic I was thinking about. It just looks like a little more nitrogen would have been good.

Anyway that’s my thinking.


Thank you for sharing your knowledge. I thought about the mold resistant strains myself and you just confirmed my thinking. I do have access to horse manure threw a friend so I will be sure to add that to my growing pots this year.