NOOB-looking for outdoor grow help

I’m in southeastern Oklahoma. Recently laws were passed to legalize medicinal marijuana, with the law, we can grow 6 plants and have 6 new plants started. I have zero space indoors period, so I plan to take my grow outside. We get some strong winds here and at times really bad rain storms so I intend to build a small greenhouse in back yard, to ward against in-climate weather and vermin. My initial thoughts are peat moss/ coco coir as a grow medium, and purchasing a starter kit here. When the seeds arrive, do they have a shelf life or do I have to start germinating right away? Tips, thoughts, and suggestions appreciated. Thanking you in advance.


I grow in a soil mix and there is one for every soil grower it seems ( we all have our own preference) as far as your seeds they will last a good while in storage as long as you keep them cool and dry not too cold. Welcome to the ILGM forum. If you see something on other threads you want discuss join in or if you want to get someone`s attention Put the@ symbol in front of their handle like this @okie56. Happy grows man!


Seeds can be germinated whenever. They will last for years if kept dry.

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@okie56 Refrigerator or freezer works great for storage in a mason jar.


Was surprised about freezer, but it’s done. Thanx for making me look it up @Covertgrower

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“If you do wish to use your freezer , place the seeds into an air tight or vacuum sealed container with a food grade desiccant satchel before putting them into the freezer.”

Yep freezer works. I have plenty of desiccant gels in my jar. Keeping the dry is important. @WickedAle


Hey im north of you in Kansas with our weather peat moss and coco outside will not work at all you need good top soil and or a soil mix


even in a greenhouse? Thank you.

Thank you much.

Even in a greenhouse?

My problem was that it would dry out when it’s 105 degrees at 8 am thengo to 70%humidity and its higher in a green house and then in flower your really fighting bud rot. Mine would dry out and be wilting when i got home from work . The other thing i had was the big rain storms would wash them out of the ground. Topsoil manure work great in the end it’s up to you. I tried it outside a couple times and just went to the topsoil and manure also blood from the butcher work’s great for getting the microbes going if your in the rocky clay area.

I see. Guess I’d better rethink my plans. Maybe greenhouse would be a better option after the summer months. Perhaps an auto-flower in early September?

A small green house to get stuff started but put them in the ground after 12 inch tall and steak it like you would a tree for the wind we get.I would start my seeds no to get a full summer of growth

Thank you for your help, that sounds like a good plan.

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I’m in nw ok. I’m growing indoors though.

With really high winds there are some who fabricate a cage resembling a Tomato cage and then have the cage staked to protect them. You can LST them by staking the plant itself over with the main stem so they are not too tall. Yes you can freeze your seeds, although it is not recommended because of cell damage to the seed and viability issues. Only use this method for long term 2 plus years and expect germination rates to be affected. I personally have had seeds stored for 5 years in 35mm film canister with good temps and lower humidity and have a 95 to 100 percent germ rate. Remember a big plant needs a big hole. Shame you can`t buy a hole kit @ Home Depot.LOL

Thank you Holmes, I appreciate the tips. I think the tomato cage is a must.

If your winds are really strong and in OK I know they are you will more than likely need to stake the cages down w/ 2x2 or stronger and maybe some netting too.

I just use the T style fence post tired to the plant to keep it strait. If going small use a tomato cage but mine went 8 and 12 feet so i just used some taller galvanized top rail and drilled holes 4inchs apart and made and a trellis and zip tied the net to the poles and cut everything from the dirt to 18inches up was bare just a stalk this helped me out with the hail storm’s and when the wind would go from 25 mph to 60mph or if you have a tree line to block the wind might be worth looking at planting in that area. But away enough for the most sunshine you can get with out the evening shadows if possible. The other thing that got me was the golf ball and baseball size hail lost some kush and Panama red plants to that storm it’s a big learning curve and the last thing you will need to check out is if there is a farmer growing hemp around you with in a 5 or 10 mile radius because you don’t want to get your grow pollinated