Outdoor update first grow

So posting this as my first time grow update. Unfortunately…I will end up starting to chop or giving plants to someone for half the buds if legalization does not materialize for ny state for medical card holder. I’ve learned a lot and still learning. I topped my photo AK successfully and then broke a branch LST. Tied her up and she is healing. Also my sour diesel auto hermied with two nuts only and now flowering nicely with no other seeds/balls showing. I sprayed her with water and cut balls off instead of tossing. My auto super skunk growing small and bushy but growing. I am growing autos on hope NY legalization for medical card holders…and growing photos in case they don’t legalize until later in year. Fingers crossed, wish me luck! Thanks for everyone sharing their knowledge as black market that is already established going green and we don’t have to hide in shadows anymore (soon!!!). I had to layer the grow stage in hopes not stinking up neighborhood before going legal.





I’ve got the Ak47 and Sour d photos going myself… definitely will check it out!!


Plants are looking good.
New here myself been lurking around since February. Learning all the knowledge from this great growing community. The plant with the green
Wire tie looks to be a male.
Need to pull asap if you don’t want seeds.
Hope everything passesf or you guys.


Sorry just reread your post and seen it turned on male on you.

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All good…she actually has nice flowers growing and no other sign of seed yet…still crossing fingers but this is learning grow for me:)

Yea…but not final yet…comment period ends June 20th then has to be approved. They tend to take couple of months to go thru comment period…then still has to go to NYS register before actually legal.

Anyone else see the balls

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Good luck with the grow! Looks like you got a great start. Hopefully the authorities stay away. Patients shouldn’t be penalized when the government breaks their own law and doesn’t pass home grow regulation in the timeframe included in the legislation.

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