Outdoor High Humidity

**Hey! New grower. I live on west coast of Florida. Having a very successful infdoor grow of two white widows. They are flowering. :hugs: Also have three potted ww’s outside in pool cage. In veg stage. Since you should keep humidity low during flower, will the ridiculous humidity of Fla be a problem? If so, what to do? Thank you! **

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Not for vegitative growth it won’t be only flowering high humidity is bad but you wanna try and keep the vegitative ones at 65-80% humidity

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Hi @LisaB,

Welcome to the forum :slight_smile:. I’m also a new grower growing outdoors and dealing with high humidity. The best I’ve been able to do to address this was to select a grow site that has good airflow (my plants get a nice little cross breeze) but I do worry about the possibility of mold and botrytis (bud rot) as I approach harvest. I’m curious to see what more experienced growers will have to say on this subject. Good luck, and congrats on getting your 2 WW flowering!

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Hey, thanks! I will look into the cross breeze idea. Maybe even a strong fan directed their way. Good luck with your grow too😊

Thanks @Majiktoker, I myself was wondering about outside humidity, but my plants should be in flower well after our upstate high humid range

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Also when it comes down to it flowering can be up as high as 60% humidity but there should be a breeze, and it can remain at 60% until harvest, however there needs to be a constant breeze, because there is technically supposed to be 40 % or less humidity near the final 2 weeks of flower.

Here is a chart for humidity, some rows apply outdoor, with these chart need I say more lol. If plants have 60% humidity with constant airflow, your buds get really sticky you can take them and stick them to the wall


Thank you Majik. Very helpful. Maybe I’ll move them indoors for flowering. The humidity will be less outside by Sept. but not that low. They are doing great vegetating and getting lots of sun everyday. I just try to protect them from the heavy rains as much as possible. Thanks again.

No problem, yea that might be a better idea

And keep them protected from rain that’s a big one little tip, 4-6 weeks in flower is when plants are most succeptable to mold and mildew, so try not to let buds get wet from the 4th week until harvest , do you have any more questions, and can I be of any more help. And @LisaB, you can have your plants remain around 45-50% humidity all the way up to harvest, it helps them finish sticky and stinky

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Will do. Thank you!

Thanks Majik. I appreciate your help. Think I’m ok for now.

Your welcome

I can add to this topic.
In my high humidity, warm climate, with occasional 2 day downpours, I grew 9 WW autoflower plants, and lost most of it to that light brown fuzzy bud rot, eventhough they were in the breeziest place and I tried to thin out a few of the congested stems.

By contrast, the 3 Gold Leaf plants had only one brown spot among them.

I attribute this to the compactness of the WW vs the airyness of the GL. Airflow! All other growing conditions were the same, pretty much.

This year, I’m choosing a couple of tall, outdoor, feminized, not-autoflower varieties.

Any suggestions? So far I’m liking purple haze and gold leaf.

How many did you lose? And what state are you located in? I’m in Boston, near the ocean. Indoor is not an option for me growing 10 wwa. Don’t want to invest anymore if they’ll just rot. :smiling_face_with_tear::smiling_face_with_tear::smiling_face_with_tear::smiling_face_with_tear: @Adama