I may not win but I refuse to give up

Hi Guys!! My question today is Heat and Humidity ( Mother Nature ) I grow outdoors in So Cal. The week ahead is supposed to be in triple digits with humidity at 54%. I am growing White Widow in smart pots above ground.My girls are barely starting to flower. I know I should have researched my strains/ climate wise a lot more carefully, lesson learnt.However it is what it is and I was wondering is there anything I can do to help them through the next week?

I think you should be ok if it doesn’t get higher, it’s getting close to pushing it. But if there is a decent breeze and the flowers aren’t too crowded yet, you shouldn’t have enough moisture on the plant’s surfaces to really cause problems. Also, real sunlight kills a lot of fungi and mold. If it isn’t very breezy where they are, maybe put a fan on them, that will keep too much moisture from building up on the plants themselves.

Look into buying some 50% shade cloth. Available at farmtek and other major Greenhhouse and Garden supply companies. It will make a bog difference. You will have to erect some poles to hang it on. I recommend buying unsewn raw shade cloths and some grommets (available from same source). Get some light cable, and run the cable around all the poles to give you something to clamp your shade cloth too.