Humidity Too High I Think

Here’s my current weather at 6:30 am.

Outside: 62F/91 (raining)
Garage where tent is: 68F/60
In 3x3x7 foot tent: 72F/69

My White Widow autoflowers are starting to flower now and I’m concerned that the RH is too high and I don’t know what to do. I have two 6" fans blowing inside. If I run the exhaust fan constantly it helps but the temp drops too much especially on colder nights.
I’ve considered a dehumidifier but floor space is limited.
I’m already running a continuous light cycle to try and control things better.
Any ideas what I can do?

Ok well here is where evolution of growing has changed there are many articles that people have written and proven plants do well with higher humidity during flower our old dated thinking on humidity is based more on the fact that molds and fungus like higher humidity as well. So the lower humidity has and is a preventative and defensive thinking the humidity doesn’t adversely effect plant but it makes it better breeding ground for things which do :wink: That being said many have proven higher humidity during flower gets bigger yields you just need good control of your environment filtered air loots of circulation etc. So relax if you have good airflow in and around your plants they will be fine


Thanks Donald. I’ve never heard this before. The humidity usually stays around 50-60 but it’s the start of rainy season.
I have good thermostat controlled airflow through HVAC filter box intakes.
It’s tough getting the tent above 75F and keeping the RH under 65 however so I have the fan come on more often and the tent around the low 70’s.

The reason we worry more about higher humidity in flower is buds are dense and moisture stays in them on them this contributes to rot and makes perfect environment for mold and fungus but many have found it increases growth and yield having higher rh. Most play safe risk versus reward like I said if you have clean space air and good airflow you can get away with higher humidity you do know dehumifiers generate heat right? may be able to kill 2 birds with 1 stone?

I have 2 Sun Blaze T5HO fixtures. They are 2’ x 4 bulbs.
I mounted them on the sides of the tent at a slight angle down and adjustable with ratchet straps. They are up near the LEC.
Hopefully they will burn off some humidity. They will add some heat which will trigger the exhaust to run more and hopefully pull more humidity out.
Plus more light can’t hurt.
I’ll see how that goes. Thanks for the help! :slight_smile:

Hello, I’m very new to this but I would like to try growing outdoors. I will start with the White Widow and my biggest problem will be fighting the humidity. It gets to 96% at night here where I live, what can I do to fight but rot? It is also very warm in the day time about 90 in the summer. Any advice will be a big help thanks.

Perhaps a fan oscillating gently on to the plant would help?

Thanks very much Shred!

Look for strains that do well in high humidity, or are highly mold resistant