Outdoor growing questions

Does anyone on here grow outside directly in the ground? Not smart pots or the like…just in the ground…we have a few questions and don’t want to waste peoples time if they grow in pots…thanks so much.

Check out @Gerant
Tried a journal…


I grow directly to ground

These are in raised beds with no bottoms, and filled with real soil and ammended with compost


This is grown in the same raised beds

Typically 12 feet high and 8 feet wide or so. They produce around 4 pounds dry each.


Will check it out…and see if you have already answered our questions! If not will be back to pick your brain.

We are using general hydroponics flora series plus koolbloom. After I follow the mixing instructions per gallon, how many gallons do I put on each plant and how often? Thanks

Also this is a remote site have to haul water to it…that is why the question…thanks

The answer varies depends on alot of varibles @kgoemaat