Outdoor grower new to auto flower indoor growing

I am going to grow some ak47 autos in my tool shed/greenhouse. I have used it before for veggie starts in the early spring. I also used it for keeping baby chicks so I insulated the walls. Growing spot will be by the two fixed glass windows on east and south corners with opaque glass. I’m located somewhat close to San Antonio in a rural area so it’s warm here.

The plan is to use natural light supplemented with grow lights and heat lamps to keep it warm enough. If it gets hot I can open doors to cool off or use a window unit ac. I can also run a small space heater in there to warm it up 20 degrees on cold nights.

I have two questions for you experienced indoor growers. What is the temperature range I should try and keep the room? And how much lighting would be required for 5 plants. As of now I bought two grow lights. They are 19 watts, full spectrum and 28 PAR/PPF whatever that means.

I notice you all use reflective surfaces surrounding your grow rooms. I have some foil backed roofing insulation leftover from the house built I could staple on the walls below the windows if that helps or install side mounted lights there. d

TIA for any help with my questions.


You asked a mouth full and i think i could try to get it all answered but i really think you would get more from my favorite grower at growweedeasy dot you know what. Once you get to the site click the “new growers start here” button and it has a quick look at what to do and expect it even has like sample setups with parts lists, the different kinds of medium etc. As for the walls I’ve seen a lot of guys using the insulation stuff you are describing. Temperatures are pretty flexible 65-85°f … but there’s optional temperatures for each stage of growth to shoot for 80ish for seedlings above 75 for veg and start of flower then gradually cooling down to the lower 70s letting it drop to the mid 60s at night help draw out and color the genetics hold


Sounds like a fun project. Im an outdoor grower, auto flowers have got my intrest of late though. Good luck to you. Looks like your in good hands. Im gonna be taking notes for my attempt at it.

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The answer to question one is 72 to 82 degrees with 77 being bout right. Look up and purchase an inkbird digital thermostat. It has a plug for the heater and one for the window ac. You simply set your thermostat and forget it.


The answer to question one is 72 to 82 degrees with 77 being bout right. Look up and purchase a inkbird thermostat. It has a plug for the heater and one for the window ac.

Your lights are not near enough. You will need a 600 watt hps or led. Paint your walls flat white or install mylar film. Do not use foil it creates hotspots.

Good luck!

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My indoor plants sit right around 80 with lights on and get down to 65 lights out.

I’ve been debating building an insulated shed outside to move my indoor grow to it.

Mixing sun light and grow lights makes for an interesting situation and leaves me with no idea what to suggest, other than a brand of lights I love HLG.

How much space will the plants have? 5x5? Lights are normally determined by size of space.

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The shed is 9x12 but, the grow area is about 6x4. I’ll start them on a table to get them up to window level then take that away once they get taller.

I’ll have some photos going in about a month from now so if this experiment doesn’t pan out I won’t be too heart broken. I’m a fiend when it comes to consumption and have run out of last year’s crop already so looking for a quicker turnaround.

One heat lamp kept the temp up to 55 last night when it was down to 30 outside so I think I can manage to keep proper temps.

3 out of 5 seeds have germinated already so they will go in the veggie starter tray today. It has a little clear dome thingy to retain heat/moisture.

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Thanks for the recomendation on the thermostat. I’m a low tech type of guy tho so will probably maintain temps manually. I’m always home except for short trips for errands so should not be a problem.

Lights are LED except for the heat lamp. They have a couple of more of the grow lights at the ACE in town so I’ll pick those up. I can paint instead of the foil backed insulation, thanks for that heads up. One of my Train Wrecks got heat stressed last year. It produced airy buds which did not pack the same punch as the others so I don’t want to repeat that.

So you have a6x4 grow space, controlled environment,
Windows on two walls that get sunlight

Planning on growing autos no issue matching additional lighting to sun schedule

A grow light is probably going to look really bright through those windows in case you are worried about that.

I would get a good led grow light,

Do you already have a grow light?

I would recommend any grow light from HLG as additional the bigger the better for that space imo I think their biggest is designed for 5x5

Any reflective surface should help as long as it doesn’t introduce any harmful chemicals fibers ect

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That was really cool @MeEasy … your about the most helpful person i know in this forum… outfreakinstanding…!!:muscle::sunglasses:

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