Outdoor grow, using big tomato cages?

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First grow outside and I live in a valley that gets some pretty good wind (17mph) in the evenings (we call it the fog wind).

So I’ve tried using bamboo stakes and multiple tie downs but still have had 3 broken branches. Today’s was upsetting because it was major cola on my best girl. Did as you recommended, honey and duct tape but I don’t think it’s going to make it. :frowning:

Thinking of next year knowing my growing situation, has anyone used large tomato cages? I saw some 6 foot tall ones, 20" diameter. You guys have any suggestions?

Thanks in advance.

Might be ok as long it isn’t too far along in flowering. If there is at least 25% still attached it should heal. I was trying to lst mine and i heard a loud crack and it was broken near ground. I just taped it and it was fine.

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A tomato cage would help. Even better would be a scrog net of some sort. Also helps to top them early so they stay bushy.

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They most always need to be tied to the main stem because the colas get too heavy. Tomato cage would work okay if its tall enough. You could always tie branches that grow outside the cage to the cage wires.

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I’ve used tomato cages and then a second layer of 6 inch field wire for support. Forty mph winds and they are still intact. The cages you are looking at are probably Texas Tomato Cages. I’m growing in 30 gallon bags and they won’t fit in a bag under 100 gallon. Lowe’s has smaller cages that will work and that’s what I use.

Very helpful. Thanks @Loneviking

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