Plant separation

Question for outdoor growers. How far apart do you recommend planting?

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Last year 4 or 5 feet, needed more. When size and sag came they tangled. Gonna try around 6’ or keep them smaller

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I would say space them at least 3 ft as a minimum if you get them in just before solstice. If you plant early give them 5ft. Both of these assume topping and manicuring the shape and height. I like to use 5-6ft tomato cages if I am controlling size. Then I like to train them for 5-7 branches to the outside of the cage to keep the middle open for airflow. Then ruthlessly hack for height and width to the shape of the cage. Continue to hack until flowers start around august 1st (give or take a week depending on your latitude).

If you are letting them grow wild or guerrilla growing, then go with the 5-6 feet. You will be glad you did. If they grow into each other’s space you will be fighting humidity issues and mold right at the end when your buds are there teasing you.

If you are doing trees and are aiming for big plants give them 10 feet apart. Outdoor plants break 10ft high no problem left alone.

There are tomato cages hiding if you look carefully. Take away should be they always grow more vigorously then we expect. To a fault almost.


I wish this was weed.

It grows so well in full sunlight.
These only get two hours or less of direct sunlight

Survivors got relocated.
Below survived abandonment and was relocated indoors.


and 3.5wk later