"Outdoor Grow Bible"

I’ve downloaded the “Bible” and really found it helpful. I’d like to know how to download or get a copy of the “Outdoor Growing Guide.” Specifically, I’m trying to figure out the best time to plant my seeds outdoors in large pots.

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I planted mine when tomatoes are ready weather wise. In the N.E. part of the US IS our Memorial Day. Be careful when chosing strains. I had to harvest early last Autumn. This year I will try Big Bub (50 day). I already have the clones well into Veg. With 2 indoor chambers it will be more for fun with payoff.
Last year was White Widow. spectacular strain. Here a picture from last year

Not much help here; However; I will look into your request. PM me if I do not get back to you. I have a million things to do; And 1 of them is to help you. Please help me not to forget. :slight_smile:

hi! just wanted to ask a quick question for growing.

i’m live living far up north (70N) in case you want to know. i have a issue, since the season is almost here. i’m not sure if i should start out in smaller pots and then replant them. because i’m worried they won’t survive. so my question is: should i just dig out like a hole in the ground for my plants/plants (about 20L) and plant them like that. or what should i do?

place of growing latitud 70N.