First outdoor grow

I’m not sure if I’m posting in the right place or if it’s been covered elsewhere , so forgive me for any breach in etiquette. This is my first grow ever. I’m growing only a few plants in my garden for my own consumption. I have two questions to start:

  1. I live in Vancouver, BC, Canada. When should I start to germinate? When should I move them outside?
  2. I’ve chosen White Widow. In your opinion, should I use Feminized or Auto-flowering. Which one am I least likely to f**k up? :wink:

Hi and welcome! You’ve come to the right place.

I’m going to lurk since I’m an indoor grower but I’m putting my money on Auto’s… :slight_smile:

Good luck. The pro’s will be around shortly to help you - no doubt.

Welcome here, I am in the same boat with you first time and I be moving them outdoor…
Because of where you live, I would choose white widow Autoflower , germinate in April put them out in may, you should harvest june- July, this way you beat the early rainy season…
I grow the same, because I am at high altitude and freeze coming in September, gotta have it harvested and stored by then…
Anyway, here are great guys ready to give you best possible advice…enjoy !!!

Thank you so much. This is the timing I figured as well. Good to know I’m on the right track. I heard that auto flowering is not a “real” marijuana plant and that it’s not as potent. Is there any truth in this?

That used to be the case , for years the breeders had a hard time to come up with the “real deal”, but not anymore…
It is now very close to the potency of the actual strain you be growing…especially W widow
In Europe the Autoflower is very popular, for obvious reasons…

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It comes down to how much veiled you want ,from fem you will get so much more but you will also have to wait longer , but IMO well worth the wait , I’m an outdoor grower .now with each there are ones you cant stuff up , so how quick do you want it to go to flower , and how much would you like from each plant , work that out then its we can head you in the right direction.

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Since I like to grow giant sized plants and buds I’ve opted to go with feminized seeds. I tend to disagree on the advice of selecting autos since they likely wouldn’t remain in veg state long enough to meet my desired size and yield.
You have a much more temperate climate than I, so you can likely start seeds this month or next get them outside by mid may. I’ve been prone to choose indica dominant strains because they mature more quickly than sativas in general. There is a period called hardening off which is crucial to successfully transitioning your seedlings from inside to out.

I have no personal experience with White Widow either but I understand it’s one of the easier strains to grow and recommended for beginners.

Whichever you choose you are still waaay ahead of the game by opting to grow your own!
Good luck!


New to this as well, I’m
Growing WWAF and Gold
leaf Fem - all I can tell you at this point in my experience is that I had an easier time getting the Gold Leaf to germ and sprout (100% success with them).

pH was my biggest issue in the beginning - now I purchase Poland Springs distilled H2O and pH before making mixes/feeding/watering.

I’ll be following! I’d love to try a plant outdoors but am waiting on the newly legalized status of my State to shake out. Still lots of questions here in MA.

Happy growing and welcome to ILGM - good friends here to help you along :heart_eyes::high_brightness::seedling:

@Coltfire: Well I currently use about an ounce a month. So I’m guessing I could I could grow either one. (I’m growing 3 to start) I’m under the impression they yield about a pound per plant. Is this about right?

@Willd: In BC, it grows pretty easy because of the climate. So as long as I time it right, I think I can grow the feminized without weather issues. The only real problem with BC is that frost or rain can come any time unexpectedly

Another question: How tall does White Widow grow? My fence is 7 ft tall. Is that high enough to prevent notice from people walking by?

@Sl1: I’m going to purchase the Flower Power starter kit and the Plant Protector with my seeds. That should keep me covered shouldn’t it?

Excellent question for the pros :slight_smile: @Majiktoker @Paranorman @latewood

@Jenntee, it should have you covered all but cal mag

You can prune and train your plants to not grow too tall, but bushy…

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Which techniques do you prefer and/or utilize to encourage bushy lateral growth outdoors?

  • FIM
  • Top
  • Super-Crop
  • LST
  • Any combination of 2 above
  • Any combination =>3 above
  • None

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I like how you did that @Willd, very cool!


Thanks! You just type a question then click the gear icon to create the choices, choose a couple options, and it creates the poll

Not what I’d call an entirely intuitive UI, but if I figured it out anyone can.

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I am using the Flower Power starter kit. Very easy to use, and it does appear to go a long way. Let me know when ti all arrives, and I will be glad to share mixing ratios with you. :smiley: