Outdoor 5 Strains in 30 GA pots

First time grower; outdoor grow… one plant each of GSC, Blueberry, Mataro Blue, Humboldt Dream and Pineapple Upside Down Cake.

GSC - genetics unknown
Blueberry - 00 Seeds
Mataro Blue - Kannabia Seeds
Humboldt Dream - Humboldt Seed Company
Pineapple Upside Down Cake - Humboldt Seed Company

Seeds started, you can see I already made a beginners mistake by over watering.

Also, Agrobrite T5 high output light I ordered was a week and a half late due to Covid-19 so there is a little stretch to the seedlings.

This is what the over watered plant looked like…

You can see I moved the plant to a bigger pot with dry soil to help dry out the wet soil. Not sure that was a good idea but it helped.

Got the light set up and this made a huge difference. The plants responded almost immediately and showed improvement.

Here are the plants as of 4/24


Those Humboldt Seeds should grow good since they have good genetics. Good luck…:+1:

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Started seeds in Coast Of Maine Seed starter Soil, nothing added.

Soil going into the pots:
Coast of Maine Castine Blend Raised Bed Mix
Coast of Maine Lobster Compost
Worm Castings

Also adding Rice Hulls and Pitt Moss for aeration.


Awesome. I’m set to watching and gonna hitch a ride, for the journey, that is, if you don’t mind :+1: :tumbler_glass: :v:


Nice. I hope you have a lot of room. Some of those should hit 8’.


Im set to watch :triumph::triumph::triumph:


Right on. You going into 30 gallon fabric pots?


Using Grassroots living soil pots…


Good answer!

30 gallons is the max size I can move around, somewhat.

Good luck with the grow.


I love the big grow bag, how many gal?,I’m wanting some 30 gal and best deal I found was on Amazon 5 for $40 I guess I’m going to order cause I’ll need them setting somewhere full of soil ready for my photos to go in June 21st .Did I say welcome to the forum? I see you’re navigating pretty good if I can help you I’m @Amazon66 .Happy Growing. :sunglasses::seedling::seedling:


I’m also set to watch your grow I’m just starting 1st outside grow and 1st container over 5 gal


Wow great start! Good luck :four_leaf_clover:


Set to watch. :+1:


Also adding to the soil:


1 bag 2.5lbs - Neem and Karanja Mixed 50/50 (use all)

1 bag 13lbs – Oyster Flour (use 3 lbs.)

1 bag 4lbs - Premium Insect Frass (use 3 lbs.)

1 bag 3lbs - Kelp Meal (use all)

1 bag 4lbs - Glacial Rock Dust - GAIA GREEN (use 2 to 3 lbs.)

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Thanks Amazon66, I’m sure I will have many questions, appreciate the support! :+1:

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Going to water once per week (in 30GA pots): use as directed

1 bag 1lb - recycle-Sil Natural Silica

1 bag 100g - BioAg TM-7 - Micronutrients and Humic Acid concentrate

1 bag 1 lb – Thrive.N - 100% water soluble

Recycle-Sil info

Link for details on Thrive.N


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Question - should I plan to re-pot before I move to 30 gallon pots? Currently in 2.7 liter or just under 3/4 of a gallon container. May 23 or May 30 at the latest to move into big pots. Thanks Craig

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I’m actually curious about this myself. I currently have the in solo cups.

Plant update… next week I think I will top at the 6th node.

Time to mix up the soil for the 30 gallon pots.


Lmk how the topping goes. I’ve read up on it, but still not very knowledgeable. Post pics please!

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