Out from under the stairs

Alright ILGM friends… I’ve emptied the tent and I’m starting round 2. I’m bringing you all along for the ride. I’m hoping that upgraded equipment and my very first successful raising of a plant (let alone bringing 2 to harvest) paired with the knowledge overflowing from this forum that I’ll have even better success. Here goes!

1 White Widow (photo)
1 Blueberry (photo)
1 Zkittles (auto)
All from Seedsman (ILGM store wasn’t running)

Soil grow Fox Farms Happy Frog for germ, with be transplanting into Ocean Forest in 5 gallon fabric pots.

O2 pH 6.6

PPM TDS EC- no idea. Meter coming this week.

I know it’s too small but it is what it is (I’ve seen some of you get massive things out of small spaces) 27"x27" tent with Mars Hydro TS1000.

Oscillating fan heater (currently set to 72 degrees). Ventilation is a 4" inline with carbon filter. Easily able to pull low humidity cold air to regulate from adjacent room.

No CO2 supplementation.

So I think that’s everything for starters. Any advice, corrections, or help along the way will be greatly appreciated!!


3 seeds into shot glasses, each with a single drop of h2o2. Dropped and cracked in 24 hours. Into paper towels. Tails in 24 hours! Into Happy Frog and under the light. They are currently sitting on a germinating heat pad with clear Solo cup lids. TS1000 at 24" and 50% strength. This is where advice is most welcome.


The box holding the substantially ventilated clear Solo cups is multi purpose. Covers the whole heating pad to allow the whole space to warm up while protecting the roots from the light and still allowing me to see the roots when I went in prep for transplant.

Friends bring me your suggestions and judgements. I’m not tagging many so anyone that pops in please feel free to tag away at anyone that can help me along this ride. @Myfriendis410 @MaD-VapoR @pillsbury


Good idea


What media are they in?

Pro tip: buy a gallon of distilled water from W.W. (unless you have R/O on hand) and no need to PH. It’s the salts dissolved in water that create the Potential Hydrogen so if not present the water will adopt the native PH of the media instantly.

Looks like a nice little setup and glad the germination trick works. You can be a lot heavier on the peroxide: I just pour a little in from the container–1/2 tsp or so. Doing that in distilled water is necessary as the peroxide bonds to solids present in the water and dissipates away. Distilled has no solids so can remain in solution.


I’m watching and will help with whatever I can. I’m still learning myself, so I may not be a ton of help. lol

Looking good so far!


I do actually have distilled on hand. That’s my plan for a while. I harvested about 10 gallons of water from reduced pure white snow today.

@Myfriendis410 I’m in Fox Farms Happy Frog for germination. It’ll go into Ocean Forest for transplant.

And again… anyone you guys think can help or might enjoy my ramblings feel free to add them


@Not2SureYet , @merlin44 @Hellraiser @Covertgrower welcome another grower.

Over time as you meet folks on other journals you’ll find like-minded people to tag over to your grow. There are a lot of active growers willing to pass on what they’ve learned. Also; there are no stupid questions here and we take a dim view of insults or abuse so feel secure here. I promise you won’t get ‘flamed’ on the forum haha.


Ah, the second grow. Now you know enough to get you into trouble ROFL I will be happy to tag along :grin:


@Not2SureYet hahaha! That’s exactly what I was worrying about, and why I’m trying to drag sensible experience along for the ride.


Happy to follow along. You’ll do great, welcome again, no such thing as a silly question and happy growing. :sunglasses:


Came for the title… stayed for the shot glasses… Looking for some pics


I like your shot glasses too. I use shot glasses quite often but mine are not fancy like yours. LOL

You have a great group of experienced growers on your thread thanks to @Myfriendis410.


I must say, i am always amazed at what i learn here every day. Never once had it occurred to me to pop my seeds in Jack Daniels. Dang.

And its not like i didn’t have the perfect reminder. this is my welcome mat in my garage (my name is Jack by the way).

jack lives here


Jack I’ve got to admit… that’s a door mat I could get on board with. Maybe I’ll order one for my tent :rofl:


Good morning green thumbs! So I I took a small peak last night and thought I saw a little ground breaking. But thought no way… my first go took almost 4 days in the cups. But here we are. 3 eager little ladies.

now… after discussing with the family we’ve obviously named them (this helps keep everyone involved and invested, which is beneficial when it’s time to invest in upgrades or supplies). So Charlotte (white widow) looks great, as does Violet. Yes the Willy Wonka girl that turns into a… you guessed it… Blueberry. However, Z doesn’t look quite as happy.
I did dab off a couple water drops from her structure with a Qtip which will hopefully help if it was a water issue. Otherwise I’m all ears for any other opinions on the whitening of her new tips.


Ladies are looking a little leggy. Dropped the light to 22" and upped to full power. I’ll be watching for signs that they aren’t in love with the new situation. I’ll be giving them fresh air a couple times throughout today

with the fan so they can get their workout in.


They aren’t in love with the new situation.

All three of the girls are culing the tips upward, backed the light off to about 75% but kept the same distance (about 21"). I plan too check frequently and hoping they relax a little. I guess working from home does have it’s advantages.


Around the stage your plants are in I quit using the domes. Just what I do might not be right, but it works for me.


@pillsbury I sure hope you’re right… because that’s my plan in the morning