Out door mold preventive

Got a big ol bush growing outside . east coast in new england right on the shore. stays real humid until sept. any tips!!!

on preventing mold, forgot to mention that even tho its in topic

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Thin the plants out to allow for more airflow.

This might sound counter productive but a foliar spray of insect frass/water. The microbes will colonize on the surface and not leave any room for mold/mildew.

Also keeping the plant healthy so it can fight mold/mildew on its own.

Look into IPM and you will find more info.


thanks AAA what type/brand of spray and plants pretty thined out for air flow. its just the rain then right after that the sun and 100% humidity that gets it. also wats IPM

Integrated Pest Management

Every morning my plants are dripping from the marine layer.

I mix insect frass with water and foliar spray.

Actually, I never liked foliar spray but this year I have been doing it daily and the results have been impressive.

Here is my rough schedule:

Foliar schedule

  • Monday- BT- 4 TBSP per red sprayer
  • Tuesday- Aloe 1/4 tsp
  • Wednesday- Kelp-4TBSP per red sprayer
  • Thursday- Coconut/agsil- 2 tsp per for red sprayer
  • Friday- Insect frass 1/4 cup per Chaplin sprayer
  • Saturday- Regenix- 3 tsp per sprayer
  • Sunday- fulvic Acid 2 TBSP per red sprayer

I just wanted to check in and say hi, you helped me with the 4 harvest per year schedule and say thanks. Also I was wondering if you could help me out with the insect frass foliar spray ? I have a 2 gal sprayer and as for the amount of frass , do recommend 1/4 cup to that size sprayer? I am getting some wind burnt leaves and thought it would help to replenish the life and nutrients in the leaves. Thanks again for your help!

1 tbsp per gallon! Good luck.