Our very first Seedling’s leaves are shrinking

Was looking good earlier today and then this happened it’s leaves are half their original size! , this is our very first seedlinG and we need help! It came out of the soil 3 days ago


What strain, Seed bank, or bag seed? Girls scout cookies



Ro water


Light system is a 9w led grow light

Temps; Day, Night stay around 75-80

Humidity; Day, Night 63-69%

Ventilation system; No

Co2; No

The smooth leaves are the cotylion leaves ( I’m sure I spelled it wrong) they dont get bigger. They provide nutrients as it starts to grow and will curl down then eventually be gone after a few weeks.
The plant looks good to me. The non smooth leaves are the first set that will grow bigger.

Are you sure the other set didnt double in size making the cotylion leaves seem smaller ?

No, I’m talking about the new leaves. They were bigger yesterday, and now they are shriveling and curling a bit. Especially the one on the right

Soil looks to wet. Dont water to much.

I’m a hydro grower, soil pros will chime in soon enough.

@MrPeat @repins12 can you help here ? Or tag a few that can

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I’ve turned on a fan to allow for better ventilation, didn’t have it on because it dried up the soil, right now we are still learning the right amount of watering

I don’t grow in coco so, I can’t answer your question. I know @CoyoteCody uses coco

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oh no it has shrunk even more since I made this post :frowning:

Try putting a cut in half water bottle over it to increase the humidity on the plant, spray a little water on the inside of the bottle dome.


Ok so it needs more humidity?


I have seen this before. It looks like it will need a dome.
Soil looks saturated. Then hopefully it boinces back. :+1:



I’d do what has already been suggested and dome it. Also, back off a little on the watering.

At this stage, you only want to spray the inside of the dome lightly, since the roots are still developing and can’t take in much water. When they are this young, they get their water through the leaves. The dome will keep the humidity and heat locked in so they can drink.

The fan will help with drying out the soil and keeping the air from going stale, just make sure it’s not facing directly at your seedling.

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One of the leaves is turning yellow, is this from water damage to the roots?

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