OSG'S New Northern Lights Clone Grow Plus Lucky Widows

OSG’S New Northern Lights Clone Grow Plus Lucky Widows

Hey hey hey, what y’all say. Time for another grow. Had 3 Northern Lights I started last grow. Took cuttings a few weeks ago from one of them.Pics here.

Last night took more cuttings from the other 2 plants and filled. Up both cloners.



Few pics from last grow. Had a hell of a time. From new soil I did not like at all, bad pH issues adjusting to the well water here at the new address. Heat issues. You name it, and it pretty much happened.
pH issues figured out and corrected. Heat issues fixed, found an air conditioner finally. Looking for a smoother run this time.

Gonna start tagging everyone in. @Haildamaged @DoobieNoobie @Missiles @GreenJewels @Mote @PurpNGold74 @fano_man @Familyman @Big123 @elheffe702
Come along for the ride one and all…

Keep It Green, And Keep It Growing…


Also collected and stored pollen from 2 Lucky Charms and 3 Lucky Widows yesterday. One of my Lucky Widow males must’ve popped flower before I removed it. Found a few seeds in a couple of my Lucky Widows and some in my Blueberry as well. Curious as hell about seeing what the Lucky Widow x Blueberry is gonna turn out like. May just have to drop a couple of those seeds soon and find out.

Pics of males out back before taking pollen and then disposing of the males.


Off to a great grow. Looks really good. @OldSchoolGrower. :+1:
Good luck on the widow x blueberry.
Peace for now. :v:


Thanks @Oldguy . If You haven’t checked it out yet check out my Super Skunk Grow… OSG's Super Skunk from ILGM

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I will def check that out. :scissors: Day for me.
Thanks for the link. :wink::v:


@Thumper I’m from Ohio as well. Just moved back home in March…


Woohoo, glad your back on track. Thanks for the tag. Im excited to watch you work those green thumb. Good luck and happy growing :v::green_heart: oh and lucky blueberries :heart_eyes: sounds great.


Watching! Interested in the Widow x Blueberry cross. The cross breeding is fascinating to me. Putting seeds in my bank just for that. Good luck and good smoke!


Lights on. Let’s see what’s going on…
New Lucky Widow Seedlings.

Lucky Charms

Lucky Widow

Northern Lights that first cuttings were taken from.

Blueberry starting to flower

Bottom of a Blueberry finishing up. Top cola was cut a few days ago.

Blueberry cola.


Super Cool! Great to have you back, looking forward to your new grow, looks awesome already :grinning:

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Thanks Mote. Things are starting to get there. Since bad issues are fixed. Still ironing a few things out. with the autos. Really looking forward to running these Northern Lights Clones.

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Awesome buddy! Can’t wait to see how this goes. As for the seeds from blueberry you can call them Spider Berries.


OSG back in the game! Best of luck brother

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Thanks Brother…

Woo Hoo… I got lucky last night with giveaways from one of the guys I follow on YouTube. I won 2 giveaways last night. A 10 pack of Candy Cream x Fornicator and a 10 pack of Acapulco Gold x Fornicator. Daddy got some strains to play with. Lol…


Nice win OSG! Always love more beans. I can’t get enough even though I’ll probably take forever to get through what I’ve got now.


Thanks Brother. I want strains to smoke and to play around with…

I hear ya!

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Just watered 8 clones that are in cups. Misted clones in cloners. Have to water main plants later this evening. Sitting here like a kid waiting on Xmas waiting for those new strains to show up. Really curious about the Candy Cream x Fornicator. Looking at both strains by themselves they look good as hell. Can only sit here and imagine how combined they are gonna turn out.

Here is the Candy Cream

And here is the Fornicator


Evening everyone Happy Friday. Can’t believe I received those new beans today already. Figured at least Monday. Won em’ on Tuesday, he dropped em’ in the mail Wed… evenin’ and got them today on Friday. Made a video about getting them and gave shout outs to Mr. Sparkzalot and the YouTube cannabis community as well as to members here link below there’s 2 Parts to it. Check it out