WWA / ILGM seeds ..... lucky charms bag seeds ... ILGM super skunk fems to follow soon

Ok off too a good start i have 4 WWA 2 weeks old in the 4x4 under a vipar spectra r900
and 5 WWA 1 week old in the 5x5 under 2 advanced platinum 150’s
i have 3 more WWA born on the 22nd they are in clear plastic solos painted black bottom left clear and in side red solos to see roots when i want …i will have a new set up for shortly
2 lucky charms bag seeds (donated) i will veg and take out to my green house in about 3 weeks if it cools down some
but today is a happy day too cus a just got 20 super skunk fems from ILGM 6 days from order to arrival wow love it also ILGM WWA seeds 13 for 13 in germs

so for soil in july i made a derivative of sub cools super soil it cooked for 6 weeks in my green house put about 2 gals in 5 gal fabric pots and topped off with a local made in okla. potting soil i added perlite coco to it
the seeds were germd in wet not moist wet paper towel so far every one has spit and tailed in 24 hrs then placed in rapid rooters all have sprouted in less than 2 days after placed in rooters… love them .
i have misted them 3 or 4 times a day
i hope to turn this room into one giant grow room its up stairs has a bath room and lots of elect it was my theater room so i use the tv to play classic rock for the girls.
both tents lights are on veg only in these pics you can see the platinum 150’s show a lot of red compared to the viper
as of yesterday after asking a few questions about led lights @hogmaster and others say go full veg /bloom i turned both veg and bloom on i have not taken new pics yet want to wait a couple days to see the difference it makes.
if you look i have run a vent from my AC to tents they get nice cool air along with the 6 " inline blower / will be used till i need it to filter that smell i love but wife says i cant let the whole house smell like
so here they are the first four are bottom right miss P top right miss A ( grand daughters ini) bott left
mr P and top mr A my grand sons they dont know i named a female plant after them yet lol

these pics are from the 25 th so 13 days and 7 days more to come just gittn started :sunglasses:

i love input so fire away thanks in advance jimmie


Looking good :+1:

I agree leave both switches on entire grow :wink:
Happy growing :v:CB


thanks if you want to check in every now and then i will tag you in @Countryboyjvd1971 . also if you have other grows i would like to be included i havent grow in almost 40years lol so much has changed


Good luck with the grow, looks like you’re off to a good start.

Thanks for the first time in a long time I can’t wait for the weather to cool down so I can take a couple of Super Skunk fems that I’m going to start up here in my inside room to my Greenhouse I just got them today but right now it’s over a hundred degrees in there so maybe by the end of September I love the greenhouse in the winter its like going to Florida @raustin


Sunlight is also a big deal my man. If youre in the northern hemisphere (namely Murica) ull basically be 12/12’n the seeds. However i think u mentiond starting inside so ignore me and my babbling and good luck. Im here with :popcorn:

Nice to see another okie. I’m still getting setup but I’ll be following yours as it goes.

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no worries i am in okla , and will supplement with lighting to keep at least 16 hrs of light i grow in the green house year round but never have tried weed so i will be a experiment :grinning:

only doing 2 SS fems now and the sex to be determined 2 or 3 lucky charms ( two up) 1 still not cracked after 2 days @PurpNGold74

o ya and i grew up in orange co. at least till a teen lol

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Great to meet you here too, Boomer or Cowboy? or nada @DoobieNoobie
hit me up when you get going

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I route for either one until they play each other. Then I lean more Sooner than Cowboy. I’ll definitely tag you in mine when it’s time. I’m working on getting a light built right now.

Ill be happy to check in on you brother im on and off threw out the day
I still work full time so as we all do i get busy but try to check out things here as much as possible
And ig you have any questions just ask
And always ask before you do something your not sure of happy growing :v:CB

This is my new job . Saturday was the start of applications for licenses. I’m all in for that mostly I want to grow for myself but hey if there’s money to be made I don’t have a job so I could use one. I mean it’s not really fair to say I don’t have a job it’s a full-time job taking care of my house but that’s entirely my fault when a little bit overboard on the back yard but I do have two grandsons that live here so and two granddaughters that come over all the time so it’s more for them than me and I do really need to say that my wife works really really hard she’s a CPA for several of my cousins companies who we are going into business with with at least a dispensary in I’m going to grow for them so here we go @Countryboyjvd1971


That’s awesome buddy
I wish i could stay home and tend to the garden
And hell yeahbif you can get the license and make a few bucks to help you out why not
That’s definitely noy a option here for me lol

here we are at 16 days for the 4 WWA and 10 days for the 5 WWA
i did a check on my water i have a 5 gallon ozarka bottle filled from tap its PH 8.1 and left out side in the sun for several hours checked chlorine with my pool test kit = 0ppm used gen hydro PH down to bring it to 6.6 so then i checked ppm with my pen its 20 there is almost nuthin in my water lol. so i had like 4 gals in the bottle i added i tea spoon of madusa’s nectar of the gods and 1 tea spoon of ff big grow this brought ppm to 250 im going to start them on this tonight .

now i did a test on the sub cool soil dirivative i have cooking in my green house the slurry run off my blue labs pen says o r i took that to mean out of range so i did a 50/50 water slurry it was 4500 im afraid to use this its been cooking for allmost 2 months do i mix this with my reg potting soil to bring it down it tests at 800 ppm any thoughts thanks yall, i will be putting 2 super skunk fems in 5 gal bags w/ super soil 1/3 up .they popped tails today and are in rooters then solo cups for a few weeks .
@Countryboyjvd1971 @DoobieNoobie @PurpNGold74 @raustin @jharlots @Hogmaster

hope it is ok tag yall


Looks awesome :sunglasses:

I don’t know a thing about soil but they’re looking good. You must not be near me my water is hard. I’ll have to filter just to get to a reasonable level but I’m used to that for beer brewing anyways.

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Looks like you’ve got your soil dialed in perfectly, great job.

s.okc our water is really good going to change some with all the rain we had this month tho.@DoobieNoobie

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I’m in Moore. Don’t know why our water so hard? You ain’t kidding about rain lol. Wettest summer I can recall in a long time.

o ya forgot the beer statement how cool makin your own could use 1 today i got to mow if it dont rain i am a dark beer guy unless its like 100 deg then a cold as f*** any beer by the pool before i jump in. @DoobieNoobie

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