Organic soil is this the simple truth

Organic kindsoil

if you really want to know more check out his web site he explains each and every microbial and its function he claims this to be 12-15 week soil nothing needed and he has a lot of pics of autos grown in this soil i was amazed never seen the colors or sizes of buds his soil grows


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His customers claim fragrance and taste is the real seller taste and smells better than dro in same strains @bob31 @Covertgrower @Countryboyjvd1971


That’s awesome! I’m following along :+1:

Thanks! @dowencarson

I’m planning on trying this soil on my next grow. The water only idea has me intrigued. I’ll be following also. :v:


Yeah, Iam water only type grower, just amend my soil and water …
Experimenting with creating my own super soil, just with what our homestead produces…


Do you run into deficiencies late in your grow? The only thing I’m concerned about with this method is my plants using up all the nutrients in the soil before they are done.

The Kind Soil site claims you just use ph’d water through the entire grow with no additives to the water

I ran into some minor issues last season , but overall very happy with my rabbit manure amendments…
I supplied some bat guano at the end and molasses last 3 weeks at flower…
But it is possible to put together soil lasting the whole grow…
I just need to raise a lot of more rabbits…lol​:joy::joy::joy::joy: their manure is superior to anything out there if it comes to nutrition A-Z…everything
I also like bat guanos and well composted chicken manure…bone meal is fine and earthworm castings are fantastic amendment…
Anyway , I grow my MJ just like I grow tomatoes…

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Sorry @SilentHippie i am on week 8 with 16 autos in this kind soil they are beautiful and healthy. Guy claims 2lbs of this will finish a 12 week grow it has great reviews to but i was skeptical so i used 3.5 lbs in each 5 gal pot. I have another thread on INDOOR (the grow) topic is first timer doing 16 autos lots of pics if you wanna see they are 2-3 imto flowering