Organic REV Organic Growth Stimulant

has anyone here tried Organic REV Organic Growth Stimulant? i saw someone on facebook who claimed he used this stuff and his plants had a major boom of new growth literally overnight… can anyone confirm the truth of this?s-l300


i went ahead and ordered the free sample bottle… im going to give it a try. im gonna try it out on that 5 week old ILGM blueberry auto thats barely over an inch tall

Be careful with nutes on one that small. They’re EASY to burn. Go check out Pearl in my Lemon Kush journal for a prime example. She went from deficient to fried in 24 hours.

it is 5 weeks old, and almost 2 inches tall. ILGM blueberry autoflower. it had a 2 inch taproot when i planted it in soil

DSC01747 DSC01748

for those interested… REV WORKS! and it works FAST! check out these before and after photos…

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I’m a year late to the party, but I got high, sorry. FWIW, this is the Green Crack auto before and 36 hours after nothing but phd water (6.5) and REV. Barely recognize that it’s the same plant. In 10 gallon build a soil light.

Also: REV is not a nutrient. It will not burn your plants. 0-0-0

Would LOVE to chat regarding your discovery of Oranic Rev. About to begin a new grow in 3 weeks, and not many folks are using this…yet! Not sure if I am private messaging you here…in other words, I am a newbie at this site :slight_smile:

Seeking out your input on Organic Rev too…between you, and fungusamongus83, I am so interested in upping my game.

Rev is a mix of microbes and humic or fulvic acids. Both are widely used by experienced growers via other products.

They help, but don’t expect an explosion of growth as was suggested above.

Microbes and humic/fulvic acids break down nutrients into a form that is more bioavailable to the plant. These products are best used in moderation. Overuse can dramatically increase nutrient uptake and result in nute burn, despite the product itself being 0-0-0 NPK.

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Thank you for this knowledge input!