Got nutes. No instructions. Help!

OG Kush autos. Germ seed 6/11. To soil 6/13. To 2 gal cloth pot 6/23. 6/27 Day 1 Veg. 8/1 17" tall, 22" canopy. Not seeing buds yet. Getting watered daily.

Question: Just got nutes from ILGM. Seedling Booster, Stage 2 Growtime Fertilizer, Stage 3 Plant Booster, Stage 3 Flowertime Fertilizer. I have no idea how to use them. No idea if in Stage 2? How much? How to administer? HELP! @Incognito

Your going to want a ratio of 20-10-20 NPK and feed until you have a run off of 1000 PPM

Hello. I have ilgm nutes as well. I fallowed their scheduled somewhat. I use them for my autos but id recommend using half dose at first to see how they react.


Thank you. Just what I needed.

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look into “jack’s nutrients”


Sometimes less is best when it comes to nutes. When go the organic route and brew everything for about 36hrs. Works great for my style and growing conditions.


Thats killer man !!..I used to brew a compost worm casting tea brew when I was growing heirloom tomato’s…why I’m not doing it now…I dunno?.. :crazy_face: