Organic living soil mephisto with foop nutrients

Sour stomper, chrem de le chem, and some double grape under best Mars hydro available.


What do y’all think each plant will carry for weight? 6 of 8 plants are in 7 gallon smart pots.

Nice floor, real hardwood? Mine’s nice but fake. Why is there driftwood in there? :grin:
Not familiar with them strains but 7gal should sustain any indoor plant … I think.

thanks! ya i need to get more drift wood up in here! good JUJU!

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Ohhhh I get it. I had to look it up though, Juju not a well known word. My grandmother used to speak french to me so I heard it before but was long forgotten! Thanks

Hi checking on your grow, any new colors? I hope things are well around you :v:

Hey buddie!

Lol… I grew out of my tent.

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Wow a good problem to have. I hope you enjoy the harvest they look so good. I’m gonna fill my tent this time!

Well there you have it! After a year of growing, I realized 4x4 you can run 9 autos. I was doing 5. 3 rows of 3 easy! Living soil and dank nectar nutes too

I looked at my 4x4 many times picturing just that, three rows of three. I’m trying four now. A buddy is pushing me to go bigger I tell him if he buys me a better light!

Did you know they were gonna bust the tent down or try to stop them?

Your doing four plants?

Yes four photos, grape ape 90% indicas.

Awesome! Five was filling my tent with space on between. Then I realized I can just have a grow room and not a grow tent! So I added a second light for the veg stage. And one light for the bloom stage. So I harvest 9 plants every month.

12 harvest a year!

More than I could use. I should be able to grow what I need in a 4x4 but only with the outdoor season I can.

I could see that, if a person started babies in a nursery or something. Then two months in the tent. I’m trying to get photos down to three months so I won’t need autos but we’ll see

Cool. By the way I don’t smoke… Just got a rosin press! I’m squishing it right into my tea bro

So I use more material because I eat it

Gotcha. I wish I didn’t get hooked on smoking it, I since learned that every plant has use to us but needs not be smoked. Maybe cannabis is here to be eaten, like garlic, part of the earth and our bodies recognize it.