Oregon Diesel vs Cali Diesel: Showdown

Strains: 2 regular OregonDieselxTimeWreck by Natural Homegrown Wonders.
2 feminized Cali connection’s humboldt diesels. 4 gassy plants.
Its important to note humboldt diesel was started 2 weeks behind and is smaller.

Light : Timber Grow Lights Vero Redwood V29, 6 COB’s, 600w.
Tent : 5x5 apollo horticulture
Nutrients : 100% organic. Nature’s living organic super soil, recharge, and HiBrix molasses.
Soil : Strawberry fields vs Ocean Forrest, fox farms
Co2 : Titan controls regulator, autopilot APC820 monitor, 5 lb co2 tank.
Training: Cargo net(SCROG), Defoliation, topping.

Let’s go back in time, starting with today.
Day 47, 8 days into flower. Post defoliation/lollipopping.

Day 39 (One Tardis male still Present, day of light flip, Pre-Defoliate)

Day 21 (First days of Co2 enrichment, Pre-SCROG)

Day 14 (Pre-SCROG, Day of Transplant)

It’s also important to note that Co2 supplementation is useless without the following environmental conditions:
—Vapor Pressure Differential between 8.0-10.0. (A Chart makes this easy to read, simple calculation with temp and humidity).
If stomata aren’t fully open you might be wasting time and money.
—1000-12000 ppfd lighting. especially flower. 700-1000 ppfd for veg.
—Sealed space. Obviously, can’t waste Co2. Plants need time to absorb, atmospheric levels must stay high for periods of time
—Increased Temperature. Plants need to have 78-84F in order to enhance metabolism requirement and acquire the excess co2. Went from watering every 6 to every 2 days.
Lot’s of growing to be done. This is my first test run with SCROG and Co2. Next time I will SCROG early from day 7, and will be growing 3 feminized moby dick plants. I wanted to be sure I had a handle on the set up, which took some time to learn the balance between temperature, humidity, and Co2. My next run will be completely optimal and feature only three large, branching, sativa plants. I cannot wait for January to start Moby Dick already.


how are you going to water the back corner?

*have, and carefully with my hands and a smaller water bottle

may i suggest what ive seen others do; pressure sprayer with tip unscrewed, water dribbles gushes out the end and u can reach a distance

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I like it, thats a good idea

@HappyHydroGrower @PurpNGold74 you two are officially tagged, I’ll update in a few days with some changes.

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im set to watching too

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Yup im watching. N team Humboldt. Also have i mentiond i LOVE diesels? :joy::joy::joy::+1:t5:

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Im pretty impressed with how humboldt has picked up in size, trying to catch Oregon 2.5 weeks ahead.
But Boy does oregon diesel have a unique smell, winning in the scent caregory for sure. It’s still sour but with a little hint of sweetness, it honestly smells like sour candy on my fingers. I’ll post update pics when I get back to town Sunday, I’m in michigan for the weekend.

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I think you’re pretty much right on target with this. What I’m wondering is if you have another one of those fixtures? Ppf of redwood vs is 1350 umols per second right? In a 5x5 that’s a ppfd average under 600 umols/second/m2 right? Not exactly justifying co2.

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I’m interested in that Strawberry fields mix. Saw it online the other day.

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Flowering is going well, considering a top dress with organic sources of phosphorus and potassium. Just watered with recharge and hibrix molasses for plants.


Pics taken two days ago. Failed to water before leaving for vegas, studied all night basically then forgot. Plants perked back up. Slight stress, first mistake but getting Frosty, lets keep it mistake free now.

EDIT: Day 73. Cant reply more than 3 times in a row. Frost is coming in, probably 3 weeks left or so.


Oregon diesel pushing to the finish, probably 10 days left. Will post humboldt diesel zoom shots if some comments appear. Otherwise I’ll just edit this reply.


Please post.shots!!!

Oh sorry I meant to say I will comment tomorrow! Lights are off right now, not good for pictures :wink:

Ok I look forward to it. I’m watching

It’s easier to distinguish the outter nugs on Humboldt Diesel’s first phenotype because it so so bushy! I didn’t even top this one because I started it 2.5 weeks late. The last pick is it’s top which is basically just one giant nug, not fully developed yet and the frost is pouring on pheno#1.

This is the other humboldt phenotype, lankier and golfball top nugs. Again humboldt diesel has a longer flowering time which is why I am kicking myself for starting this strain 2.5 weeks late. Lessons.

It also seems like Oregon diesel just keeps packing on trichomes.


Damn thats a pretty ass bud! Those colors are looking sweet and i bet she smells like love and cloud 9…

The smell is all over my mini scope, I keep sniffing it.

Got some amber trichs in there on OR dieselxTimewreck. again maybe 7 days or so of flushing, maybe less.