New to growing-OG City Diesel

So I’m trying my luck at a grow, first ones will be soil, I’ll move to 5gal buckets soon. Right now I have them in solo cups.
OG City Diesel 5 sprouts, I know they might be male or will not survive I’m ok with that, I’m using this to learn. Of course I’m setting up a tent and environment, but I’m going to try and grow them anyway to just get one under the belt.

So I’m trying to figure out what sexs they are it maybe to soon
I’m just not sure.but they are beautiful plant with all of the little things that you never see because it’s dry or it’s already crushed.
I’m using Grow Helper Journal app to track the growth.


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You won’t be able to tell for about 4-6 weeks into veg growth.

Thanks, they are at about 4 weeks now I spouted on a paper towel then planted (first 2 then 1 then 2 more).
Yea, I wasn’t sure if you could tell yet, they are beautiful to look at close up though.

Based on the picture, you won’t be able to tell for awhile.

Yup you’re still pushing a seedling my man. She’ll take off soon. What size pot you got?

I’m going into 5gal buckets in a few weeks from what I’ve gathered so far this the best for me the first time. If they work out and are female I’m think of using these as mothers and cloning from these or at least trying it out. I know I’ll need to buy some seeds for a more sure thing plus the strains I’ll need for my meds.

I’m really doing this because the local shops have been running out of the strains that are working for me and I’ve noticed the difference in the last strain I used. So I’m looking to grow just 4 continuous plants,

2 OG City Diesel (NYC Diesel)
1 RawDawg
1 Blue Dream
I built a press to extract some concentrate so I’m hoping by next year I’ll be rolling along with enough to allow me to make more edibles.
I really appreciate the help this has been a great community, everyone is always ready to lend there knowledge.

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Sounds like a man with a plan. Im here and watching. Good luck with your grow and as usual. If u need something just ask. :+1:t5:

Going to 5gal buckets tomorrow. I think I have 3 female and 1 male, 1 unknown yet. This picture was yesterday they are alone 2 inches taller and at least 2 inches wider.

They look good so far I think. Thanks for everyone’s help. I’m really excite to grow. I ended up with 3 different grow set ups that I’m sorting out right now.

U wont know which is which until you flip them to flower or they grow mature emough to show sex anyway (n some dont until flower).

Oh ok, so more time, this is one month for the tallest. Thanks, this has been so much fun to learn and watch. I’m hoping to finalize a hydro set up this week and assemble it by the weekend. These I’m thinking if there good and survive as mothers and cloning. Just my initial thought, like everyone it’s an adaptable plan, DWC(DWS) is in the lead.

I’m moving the 5 gal buckets into a 4x4x8 grow tent tomorrow. I have the last bit of ventilation to strap down but I’ve tested all the individual components to make sure it all works.
I have to write out my care schedule so figured I’d ask if there is anything I need to check or add to the list.
Thank you to the community for the help. Having neurological issue I ask more question and sometimes more than once, so I appreciate all the feedback.
I did get some used equipment and I’ve started cleaning everything is there a recommendation on cleaning product. The local hydro shop wanted to sell me this organic cleaner for $50, not sure that’s needed but I know somethings are poisonous to plants.

Hey better safe then sorry right. And yea this place is magical. Sorry dont have ur thread set to watch. So if u need help reply to my message directly or tag me. Like @Roguewrench. Gets attention

Will do, I been here for about 5-6 months, of course my time is on other things but starting to file through the site more. And hopefully I will get the posting etiquette right soon @PurpNGold74.

O its fine. Just noticed it in ‘unread threads’ n happen to click in.

Thank you @PurpNGold74
I got the tent set up with the right light this time. I’ve got a co2 generator that I’m setting up tomorrow just trying to test the climate controler. The first thermometer I got was not accurate so I need to find a better one. Man what a learning curve thank goodness I’ve got an engineer’s mind.
This is still a test, but I’m encouraged by the early results. I am setting up a 2x4x8 tent for cloning next ,need a couplelast things. I’m also setting up a 6 bucket DWC for the next grow so I will split them up in 3 Diesel, 2 Blue Dream, and 2 RawDawg. Thanks to every person who contributed to ILGM because of this site it made this much easier for the first grow.

I am wrapping those white buckets in black, my black buckets are my DWC setup only thing I had at the moment.

Nice! Well on your way to a solid grow. Im doing a Red Diesel now. And she is huge. Love that smoke

Have you given them any nutrients. They are looking a little yellow to me.

The little one, I’m going to pull it should be as tall as the next shortest. I think it did not like being transplanted. Some yellow but they green up. I had the wrong bulb for almost 2 weeks.
Yes I gave them 8oz of roots organics buddha grow the day after transplant. Only that because of the amount of water I used first. I’m going one day no water. It maybe to much in the bottom. I allowed them to drain before I put the drain tube on them.
Bucket have 2 layer med river rock on bottom, pea rock and soil for total 6 inches then good compost soil same type soil used in veg garden last year and was incredible.

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The top pictures are close up of each, my light flip off so had flip to this light for a few hours. The bottom pic is the right light before I started rearranging things.
Anyway, the one with the really fat leaves is strange, I have not seen a picture of one of this strain anywhere. They are 9 weeks roughly but they don’t look like there any where near ready to flip to flower waters perfect they perk when watered, I only feed 1/4cup of nutrients about 2-3 days. Water 1 solo cup about every 2 days. The first month was natural light(in at night, out all day). They look nice and green, a few yellow leaves lower but walls looking good I think just very slow.
Still working on co2 and heat/venting tent trying to seal up by the weekend. Ph of water is in the low-mid 6, feel right but still first cannabis grow, trying to remove variables.
Should I pull the runt? It is the same age as the next smallest. I did go back and remove the black plastic I thought light would bleed but I’m less concerned now with some testing done.

Oh yea, humidity is 25% in the tent.

So, they made a huge jump in one week, I topped the tallest one yesterday and it drooped in the morning but perked right with a little food and water. The pictures are from right now. I’m looking to send them in to flower next weekend.
Environment is steady at 81-83 day, 73-76 evening. Humidity steady at 25%-30%. Smell is just starting to get real strong so I’m setting up the exhaust fan.
@PurpNGold74 how often should I run the fan? I’ve looked around but I have not found anyone that agrees and exactly when and how long, short high speed or slow and low or on/off times medium speed. That’s kinda what I’ve understood to be the options.

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