Newbie patience

I’m on my first grow. Been wanting to do this for awhile but finally got some seeds. They have germinated. Broke ground 2 days ago and I’m checking them all the time. When do they really start taking off


Welcome! The excitement is real, I would check mine so much I couldn’t wait to see the change lol it does happen they just have to form roots before take off. What are you growing and what’s your set up like if you don’t mind me asking? Also we love pictures (reg light).

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Congrats man! That feeling never totally passes. Been growing indoors since 2005, and so.e outdoor before that. I het 3 full grows a year usually(20 plants or so) and i still look at them with my first cup of coffee every day, and my last drink or smoke every night.

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Very basic lighting. Led bulbs and small led grow light from menards. My gf found some seeds in her bag decided to try and germinate. And they did so want really prepared lol. This pic is 4 days out of the ground.

This was just too get started. What do you guys recommend for lights?

My leaves seem to be out grown the stem. I’ve had to prop them up and they are not stretched at all any ideas?

1 week old

What you guys think 6 wks old

Very nice looking plants!

Thank you

Any recommendations for switching to flower stage

How many weeks in are you? If giving nutes stop the grow and switch to bloom when you switch.

6 weeks

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Duh you stated that. Lol I switched mine at 7 weeks and still didn’t know sex. I was 2 weeks into flower before it showed. I’m currently 3 weeks in flower nothing too exciting yet.

I believe it’s female I’ll find a Pic

Here is my Sour Diesel babies and my clones. I don’t have current photo of the one in flower.