Outdoor NYC diesel first grow

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First time grower and poster here. I am super happy to be starting a grow for the first time and would just like to ask some more experienced people on how my gorw is going and get some feedback.

I bought crop king NYC diesel auto fem seeds. Germinated in a glass of water and paper towel. They have been planted in my pots which are 5 gallon size and made of felt. My soil mix is 2 parts Promix organic vegetable and herb, 1 part perlite 1 part coco coir and some worm castings. They are 12 days old and spend most of the time outside in a small greenhouse. So far i have watered them with a spray bottle and a couple of 100ml waterings on the soil on hot days. I am going to introduce nutrients in 2 days time, i have organic fish emulsion that i will dilute to 1/4 strength.

Here are some pictures of the girls, what do you think on my grow so far? Any feedback is welcome!

Thanks team!


The plant looks good and healthy! I would probably hold off on feeding until you see your cotelydons(small round leaf) start to fade a bit. The seedling feeds off of them during this stage. Typically you would want to start seeds in a solo cup then transfer to the 5 gal pot once the leaves reach the edge of the cup.

I learned that once your plant grows its 3rd set of leaves, you can start to water to runoff. That will allow you to monitor your ppms and tells you when to feed as well as how your plant is eating. Good luck, off to a great start it looks like!


They look perfect :grin: and it sounds like @imSICKkid has you covered :wink:



To the forum :grin:


Thanks for the tips my friend! thats a good tip to now about the leaves :). I read that as they are auto you should not transplant because of shock delaying their growth? i have another in a smaller pot that i will transplant so that can be a good comparison.

How do you monitor the ppm? I used a soil testing kit for the ph when i started where you fill a test tube with soil and water and asses the colour. i have the same tests for N P and K. Are these suitable?

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You’ll want to get a TDS meter. I got mine from Amazon

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Welcome to ILGM! Those are some happy looking little ladies. Be careful not to overwater. It’s very easy to over water a small seedling in a large pot. Also, you might see slow growth at first will they fill in the pot with roots before they really take off. So far so good! :v: