Orange Barb Strain

Have any of you grown the orange barb strain before? I got 2 beans for free from a Black Friday promotion. The first one didn’t make it and I chalked it up to my mistakes. It is still alive, but it is just a miniature green stem poking a few millimeters out of the dirt. I dropped the second bean and it appears to be producing cotyledon leaves, but it is the smallest seedling I’ve seen aside from the 1st orange barb that stunted over a week ago.

I’ve got a pretty good record with seedlings so far and am wondering if it is just a weak strain in general or if I just happened to get beans with poor genetics.

Bean #1, dropped on January 12th:

Bean #2, dropped on January 25th. It’s a lot more tiny than the photo suggests. Smallest cannabis seedling I’ve ever seen by far.

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Big explosions come from small packages!

This was my runt. Was about the size of a piece of perlite

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How did she do?

She’s still the runt but I think she will produce some decent colas @MidwestGuy

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