Optimal LED for 4x4x7, 2 plant SCROG

If u look at the link i posted it give a full reveiw of the BESTVA LED light and what is really rated at i know its not 1000w more like 500 to 600 but i was way better than my clf cluster thing i had going and i noticed a big difference when i switch from the cfl to the led

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According to the manufacturer it isn’t 500 600ma either. It’s 185 watts.

If you’re happy with them, that’s all that matters. Based on the op’s description, he’s looking for something that’s in a different performance category is all.

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Manufacturers throw random measurements out there with very little to support it. They give par readings if you scroll through the pics on amazon. That’s what you want to look at. I’m sure the they measure the sides with the most intensity too. That being said, I’d see this light as better option for a 2’x3’ space. Even then, it’s a little weak. But the spectral output looks pretty reasonable, perhaps one of the better or best for an all around budget led. But I wouldn’t consider this light alone as a viable option for a 5x5.

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@HappyCamper were you referring to the timber lights as not having dimmer? I just looked, and it appeared to me that all of their complete lights came with dimmers.

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You looking good there buddy keep it up. You said you have 2 1200w meizhi. What size tent are you in?

8x4x6.5, but with all the objects in there, i would say its just under 12 sq ft less footprint occupied by green. i am actually considering rotating the lights now that the canopy is so thick since the are rectangles.

I wouldn’t try and use a single light for that footprint…2,…or maybe 4 would be better.

@dbrn32 - You’re right, I see it mentioned in the page. I think I searched for ‘dimmer’, and they mention it as ‘dimming’. :slight_smile:

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No worries. I just want to make sure you get what you need @HappyCamper


Two or more lights would definitely help with the larger footprint. I just have some form of mental block that’s keeping me from accepting the fact :roll_eyes:.

I really like the Timber 600 Watt Vero29 V7 4x4 Framework light. I’m only concerned about it being under powered. I notice on their webpage that it consumes 600w at the wall. @dbrn32, @MAXHeadRoom & @Countryboyjvd1971 most LED setups describe the wattage in light output and when they do mention how many watts they consume, it’s usually some smaller faction of the output. Does this potentially mean that the Timber light output is much higher than the 600w consumption? The web page also says “PPFD @ 48” x 48" = 910". Is that the wattage the plant receives??


@HappyCamper which particular lights are you comparing the timber to?

I think everyone else will agree, wall watts and ppfd mean way more than any garbage claims you’re use to seeing. Wall watts mean exactly what they are. Not 1000 watts but it only draws 200 watts from the wall. And ppfd or photosynthetic photon Flux density, is the measure of actual photons provided that are within the usable spectrum for your plant.

By using this or any of the lights @MAXHeadRoom or I suggested, you are stepping up to a different level of light than you’re use to seeing come up on an amazon search. These are real useful numbers, not make believe pipe dream stuff that you have to thumb through the description and are lucky to get.

If you have some specific lights you want to compare, I’d be happy to try and do that.

@dbrn32, @Hogmaster,

I’ve decided to go with the 4x4 600 watt setup. I’m going to go the ‘kit’ route. If, down the road I feel I need more watts I can add more COBs.

Thanks for all the help.


Good decision! The kits are pretty straight forward and a good way to save some cash. If it’s not a big deal, take some pics of the process and post so that everyone can follow along with you.

If you need any help feel free to post and tag me.

For those kits, you probably need like special tools right?

I’m not sure what exactly that particular kit entails, but I wouldn’t expect to need anything other than basic household stuff. Screwdriver, wrenches, wire strippers, and such. Possibly a soldering iron depending on the particular cob.

Meh I’m not handy with tools. I guess I’mma be stuck with loading my tent with 2 lights to get the wattage

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They sell them fully assembled too, just at increased cost.

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I can’t justify dropping a grand on a light though :stuck_out_tongue:

Undersood. I don’t think that particular model is that much. $600 maybe

@Tonyb - The 600 watt, 6 light set up is comprised of 2 300 watt / 3 COB kits. The kits go for $400 each. So, a total of $800. I’m pretty sure the kits are shipped for free.

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