Opinions on When to start the flush

White widow Fem. Trying to time when to start flushing. They are in coco/perlite. I’m at 8weeks

Pending on what you want outta of her?


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I’m on the fence about what stage they are at at the moment. I think I see mostly cloudy, one pic shows some amber. What do you think? @Jbum

let’s ask @Missiles @Midwestnewbie @BobbyDigital

Looks pretty clear to me - as @Jbum stated it’s completely up to you. I’d personally wait another 2 weeks before flush but only flush then if atleast 75% cloudy. Make sure you’re taking pics of the trichs on buds not leaves as leaves will turn quicker than buds (and also take pics of different buds as that screwed me a few grows ago lol) good luck!!


My white widows took 12 weeks i flushed at 10 weeks and then went to just water and no more nutrients after but i was mostly cloudy and just a couple spots of gold and was at 20% amber trichomes by harvest

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1st 3 pics look clear to me. Too soon imho.

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Guess I’m just seeing what I want to see lol. Few more weeks it is

10 to 20% cloudy to me no amber

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I flush at the first sight of amber on the buds.

I use earth juice nutes, and reduce N by week 6, so I can harvest a bit sooner than 2 weeks if need be.

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Also, I still see some standing pistols. I feel you have at least 2-3 weeks.

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How ya like those nutes @Drinkslinger? I just got the PH down and I am liking the fact it does not seem to take much to work. Seems with AN or GH I have to use A LOT to get my PH down.

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I really like the results that ej produces. I also like that there are many individual nutes that one can use to correct deficiencies. It’s def more work than other lines, and is def stinkier.

On a side note. I don’t actually use their pH down. While they say you don’t have to adjust the nutes pH after brewing, I just don’t believe it. I use a little of the “grow” to bring it down during veg, and the “bloom” during flower. It doesn’t take much.