First signs of amber

It’s only 5% if that,what to do now.I started to flush 1 of the plants that was cloudy but I realized the new guy probably jumped the gun.So I have 1 cloudy and one turning amber.I been feeding FF mutes for 12 weeks.Tds has huge numbers.I really need help with this

I guess that would depend on the high your looking for . If they are all cloudy now and your looking for an energetic high, or if some couchlock I’d wait for a bit more amber . Tell us what strain you’re growing and maybe someone here has experience with how that strain matures to give you a better timeline :v:

There White Widow auto’s.This is my first grow I hope I haven’t asked to many questions.Ive started 7,there 12weeks-10 and 6.Half of them are taller with light airy buds the others are short with really hard bids.What I’m trying to find out is timing how long till they turn cloudy to amber.Does amber mean the thc level is degrading.The light airy plants I want to let run in hopes of thicker buds. I gotta run I get operated on today.1 more guestion do I need to ph water when flushing?Sorry

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At 12 weeks those airy buds may be as dense as the will get. The buds have their biggest gains around week 6-7 ( don’t quote me ) a few pics of the trichs would be most helpful . I run WW photos and mine go for at least 12 weeks to get a good amber as I prefer the couch lock effect . Once the trichs start turning amber your thc levels start to degrade.
I don’t believe you have to ph your flush water as this is the one time where a nutrient lock out works in your favor by keeping the plant unable to take in more of the stuff your trying to get rid of .

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