Only half the leaf is yellow

Just curious if anyone has seen this before?

To me it looks like a nutrient issue or ph esp since the Leaf is curled to the side as well. Is this the only Leaf that has this issue/only plant? If it’s the only leaf that has the issue I wouldn’t worry to much about it. If multiple leaves or multiple plants have the issue it seems like a nutrient issue or ph I would definitely check the ph of your soil first and go from there!

I forgot to mention ideal ph is between 5.5 and 6.5!

Hello max. I’m thinking combo of ph and magnesium. I have 5 plants in the tent this is the only one doing this. Growing in coco with perlite( bushdoctor coco loco).

Def check the ph before doing anything else. I had a similar issue once and that’s all that it was but mg can do similar stuff. I like spray nutes for that or you can add some to the water when watering them. For me tho it was a simple ph issue. Also I like to check the ph of the water I’m using when I use soil as a medium I predominantly use hydro setups because it’s much easier to control everything from ph-nuets-watering on a time system etc! Over all your plants def look healthy the one just needs a lil tlc!

I guess I should also mention that I started all this with my nutes ph at 5.8. But it kept coming out different in most of the plants. It would go in at 5.8 and come out at 4.9. Just kept feeding hoping the coco would eventually straighten out. Did that for about a week. Then I started ph at 6.2 or so and now it’s coming out 5.5.

I mixed a foliar spray of epsom salt (or my wife did) can’t remeber what strength she mixed at. Any chance you got a recipe? How often can I use the foliar spray? Also this is my first time growing.

I use a electronic ph meter with a long shaft for soil and I probe it down to where the roots are and check there to see what ph is actually absorbed at the roots.

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I have that happen on my plants sometimes, seems to be random, I don’t think it’s a big deal. Interested in others takes on it though.

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Yep, @ Sixpackdad covered that. This is exactly that. Random. We’ve seen this before, occasionally. No reason why. @Heftyleftry


I get this on my plants too. A few leaves here or there every grow. Never seen it progress to anything serious. May be a product of a trait brought out thru breeding


Thanks for the reply guys. I’m glad to hear others have had this happen. It’s kinda weird it doesn’t seem to be slowing growth or anything. So much help here in such a short time. Looks like I shoulda started my grow journal here instead of that other site.


@Heftyleftry Have a bit of the half yellow leaf going on with a black indica. Plant seems to be healthy in every other way so I’m ignoring it. Did yours go away?

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No mine still hasn’t gone away. I have it off to the side just veging under a light. Keep playing with nutrients. Start to clear up feeding every other watering at 300ppm of cal mag only at 6.0 ph.

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Has it appeared on new leaves too? I was thinking mine was just a mutant leaf, but it could be the genetics of the seed too.

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Could be genetics. Mine seems to go away and come back. New growth will be doing good then bam a couple of the half leaves.

Old thread but thats a genetic mutation. Wont hurt anyrhing but the eyes

Just had one of my girls do this. Looks like shit, but doesn’t seem to be impacting the grow