One out of seven not flowering?

All seven have been in same conditions yet this one has yet to start flowering. I can’t remember which is which but the strains are white widow, blow dream, cheese, and blue fire. The one that isn’t flowering could be blue fire but from what I’ve read they all have similar flowering periods.

You could build a black plastic tent and shorten the light cycle even more by placing it over it a little earlier. Or bring it inside a dark room. Shoul initiate flowering.

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On the second picture you posted that little girl is on her way to flowering just give her some time they look like autos? You can plant autos at the very same time and some will take 10 weeks, some longer. I’ve had some that were 17 weeks I’ve had some that took almost 20 weeks before they were done I have some Autos that I planted LAST YEAR and I’m just now harvesting this year… as I did last year I will leave the bottom little Sprigs and keep watering it just watering no nutrients and February they’ll start growing back. I have one too I harvested some of it last year and it was only about 3 ft tall this year it’s 8 feet