One more week... harvest time

Supposedly by the 30th, my two Blue cheese babies will be ready to harvest. Its been a long journey but an educational one… Just wondering if they are ready to harvest now and wait another week. What do yall think

Man u nee a loupe to look at the trics id say she is done. She is foxtailing aldo the new white pistils and odd lumps. When harvest cut them off as they have a funky greeny taste to them. Id get a loupe and look at trics tho for sure. Its looking done tho

I’ll bet .50 and a snicker , he counted them first 2 weeks from the light flip ? Any wagers , going once , going twice , and it’s probably a hybrid strain , and probably have roughly 4-5 weeks left just from the pitils is still re-spawning for that last ditch effort to pollinate , them buds start oozing and getting fluffy , but yeah I say 5 weeks on a sativa hybrid strain and he counted from the day he flip the lights to 12/12 , which if he harvested , he lost maybe 35% of more bud weight by losing 3 important weeks of budding cause his flower stage count was off by 3 weeks , but to many of you growing , and just started within the last 2 years , when it comes to harvesting , after flowering :bouquet:, your main top colas will not have much of a fan leaf to trim , if the flowering time has been counted correctly, those top buds should be so big , you might can trim the very ends of the 3 finger leaves , but the 5 and 7 fan leaves should of have been gone since week 6 or 7 maybe , but if not , you fully mature bud will out grow the top 3 fan leaves that the bud will be so full and ripe , only the barly tips of the 3 finger fan leaves should be pointing out , up , even downward , and completely, completely masked and cover in trichones , you should not even trim them off any ways , kief for later.

When you’re finish buds are ready to harvest , it will not be shining fresh straight white pistils sticking straight out like a boner , no no , and the top three nodes should be massively full of big fat dense bud , if not , many of you are counting the first two weeks from when you changed your light schedules from Vegging , to Budding ?
Never count the first 14 days as flowering time cause the light schedule schedule changed , This is not the correct way to determine flowering time to harvesting , you harvest will never be accurate , are at its most best of quality from the plants maturity . It’s such a very “Commom Mistake” it’s like Trump #45 and his Red or blue tie :necktie: right.

Only count you’re plants budding time until you see the second of third pre-flower , are pre-budding tulip :tulip:start to spawn catalyst and pistils , and if you used this old school method , cause out in the woods :wood:, you not just looking down on plants. Oh noooooo , you looking way up , so it’s what I’ve learned , but ever since that I’ve never missed a harvest timing for best quality premium smoke in all 3 stages , uplifting morning , wake and bake smokeable buds I keep separately from my mid-day , are after brunch or lunch smoke :smoking:, and of course my evening is a multiple choice option, but I need to re-stock and I’m will not spend what I’ve been spending on dispensary controlled Marijuana, cause you will not buy no bud legal with amber trichomes in this parts of the world . The only couch lock is the old school compress Mexican $60 a ounce of brick weed , I wish I can find me some good Mexican brick compressed Acapulco, of Sessemia , yes full of seeds too , but you not buying nothing out the legal market here and loop it and find amber nothing , you might see a few clouds , but it’s clear as ever , and as ever clear , the trichomes is see through , translucent, cause they have to control it at 25%-29% the state requirements , so the harvest is timed , calculated, and scheduled regardless of what the plants says in a legal farm.

Now if he has not harvested it yet , I say 4-5 weeks base off lights penetration , light distance , water , ph , temp , humidity, and feeding schedule, nutrients etc , and most importantly what the plants is saying , that’s who will really tell when she done Dun !


I did count the first day I flipped to 12/12. So you are saying I should of started to count two weeks after that? Ok… I never knew that, so based off of that I still have at least 3 more weeks. The trichromes are still a little clear but some look cloudy thus the confusion.

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@Mr_Layz , cut :scissors: a few of the lower buds off you count , and save buds on the plant :potted_plant: for the next 3 weeks and check trichomes, you will instantly know a big big difference by counting the first two weeks , and why more seasoned farmers never count those first two weeks. If you growing indoors under artificial lighting panels , again it all depends on environment, temp, humidity , light power , for plants to transition from one stage into another . The stronger your lighting wattages , the more your plants will feed , grow , produce , and transition from stage to stage .

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Viparspectra tc600 light, ac infinity exhaust fan, two oscillating fans, one intake fan, 2x4 tent, two GE 50 high output ppf bulbs one for each side. Thanks for the input :+1:t5:

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Did you understand my point I was trying to make @Mr_Layz ?
You can harvest you’re plants in different stages to evaluate what stage is the better premium quality for treatment .

@Mr_Layz you can cut :scissors: a few buds off at the clear see through trichome stage ,weeks after cutting the first set of buds , you can let the plant continue to flower until trichomes become of a more milky cloudy stage and leave about a 1/3 for even longer flowering to get a more Amber reddish trichomes , and by doing this , you’ll have a better knowledge of what stage of buds were the best smoke , the first cut , the second cut , or the waiting for the amber couch lock .

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Gotcha… I’ll try it

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@Mr_Layz , it’s just to help you get a better quality product from the labor you put in right . Plus you want to be medicated for at least a good 3-4 hrs right .

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