One is Apricot Kush, the other 2 are seeds obtained from friends, which I've grown before and are well-adapted to local conditions

A customer has a question and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks

"3 varieties planted from seed 6 weeks ago. All plants are +/- 7"tall, all 3 varieties flowering. One is Apricot Kush, the other 2 are seeds obtained from friends, which I’ve grown before and are well-adapted to local conditions. The plants are under lights. I will take them outdoors, so have been mimicking outdoor light cycle, now on 16/8. No nutrients yet. I live in central British Columbia, so the days will get quite a bit longer. Can I stop them flowering and get back to more veg growth? So much conflicting advice on various forums, thought I’d better get it straight from you. "

If they are under 16-8 and are flowering then something is up are you sure you didn’t mix up the seeds with auto-flowering seeds?

Good thought, but I have never purchased auto-flowering seeds. There may have been some irregularity in the early lighting. I sure hope someone can guide me on how to bring them back into veg. Or is it worthwhile cloning at this stage? Really appreciate this forum and the time people take to help each other.

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Well as long as you have the lighting on schedule the I think they will revert back
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Maybe the company they were ordered from mixed them up it does happen. However being over 14 hours of light they should reveg soon other wise if they proceed to flower than presume they are autoflowers

Thanks a bunch. It’s possible the Kush are accidental auto-flowers, but the other two varieties have been grown locally for years without this happening. Do you think it would help to put them on 24 hour light for a week or so?

I still have seed from the two local varieties, so I’ll try some more and see what happens.

I love the way this community offers so much help!



If your on 18/6 you should be fine there. Honestly if you have room start the others to get an answer or if any way possible go to the source that bred them and ask about them, as far as traits go and genetics to find out if it has a ruderalis trait or more of an indica trait.

How old are your plants as well, and it may be possible they weren’t stably bred, therefore giving wider varieties of that strain giving different out comes which would certainly be a big role in what maybe going on

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That’s a good lead, and I’ll follow up with the breeders. However, since 3 varieties are affected, I’m guessing it’s the light, somehow.

They were started mid-March.

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Overall I think that would fall into the genetic line not lights, especially if lights haven’t been messed with at all or at the least very minimal, and unless they’ve been on 12/12 which I dont recall seeing than it would all point back to their genetic line.

With age my guess is genetics or they are ready to flower and or mostly indica dominant

Thanks a ton for your involvement! Happy growing.


Absolutely my pleasure, im happy I could be some help