ILGM strawberry kush an budding time

Hey all trying to see who all has grown this strain before and if it budded this quickly for anyone they have been outside started April 10

Are these auto’s or do they start bud’s this soon and continue to grow till end of season any he’ll is appreciated thanks in advance

My guess is they are autos…
Mine vegged till I went to 12/12 but they at looking good! Your gonna love the final product!


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ILGM doesn’t have Strawberry Kush auto’s on their website though so I am not sure what to think @latewood @hillcrest @Donaldj @yoshi what do you think @Majiktoker goes for auto’s to so far

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@ktreez420 what do you think about my Lil delema here

what was the sun light cycle when you put them outside? this would’ve factored greatly I am mainly an indoor guy but I rarely find a healthy budding plant to be a bad thing?

the details are there 56 days small compact plant 32" also primarily an indoor strain

She’s 3 an a half foot was 13 hours of day light when I started them an I ain’t worried about her budding just why so soon an the 56 day’s is after 12/12 isn’t it

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I was just expecting her to go full season now I have to keep a close eye on her

check the link it’s for Blue berry but they have very similar traits and a plant will go to flower if it is mature even at 13 hours of light matter of fact I trigger my plants with 13 during my perpetual grow simply because I add extra hour light weeks 3-6. and 36" is about right for straw berry kush

she is fully mature not much you can do unless she ws indoors under 18/6

So even with more than 12 hours of light if they fully mature they start flowering?

An if she is flowering outside will she continue even with the light hours going up not down

she may revert to veg but I haven’t tried pushing my lights past 13:30 during flower the extra hour does the trick for me she is technically fully mature

Yes she is fully mature and currently been under 14 hours of light for the last 2 weeks slowly gaining more light

I’ve never heard of a plant just budding because it’s reached maturity. I know many guys grow a mother plant for years without the worry of it budding. I don’t think that’s a real problem unless it’s an auto.

Seeing that this isn’t an auto, the only thing I can possibly come up with is that the plant somehow got its 12 hours of darkness and began to flower. You have other plants you put outside with this one, correct? Because if they haven’t flowered like this one, then I really have no clue on what’s going on with your girl.

Wish I could help more @joshawa!

Yes I have 6 out side by side with her an she is the only one flowering an they have all been in the same spot same pots same dirt same nutes but she is looking way far ahead of the rest

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My guess is they got under 13 hours for the first couple of weeks outside as well if they were mostly mature at that point it doesn’t take much to trigger them to flower as I said above I run my flower room on 13 hour light cycle currently am doing so and my ladies which are budding. Funny part is never changed lights to 12 to trigger just added them with my others which were 3 weeks into flower and I already had running 13 lol. But you are quite right it does not simply happen because they are mature so long as light is longer than 13 hours

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My only thing is it was 14 hours of light when she started flowering unless the rainy weather an clouds caused it

Hey @garrigan62 What’s your opinion on this Lil miss hap

On a friendly note; That is total BS. ILGM has many auto flower genetics in the seed bank

I was talking about strawberry auto’s