ILGM strawberry kush an budding time

So you came is there anything helpful you could add about my situation

Well here are some today pic’s of my fast to flower beauty

one of the top colas from the sideand one of the bottom buds

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That’s a beauty ! …are you thinking you got some type of an Autoflower seed by mistake?

Unless someone has grown strawberry kush before an can say they will make it till the end of the season like this cause so far the growth says auto to me

I asked the people who are up on the chain an no one knows

The 2 top colas are already the size of full grown pinecones

Hey @macgiverstoner what do you think auto or not


A Kush is an Indica, which is a short life cycle genetic in comparison say, with a Haze, which is Sativa.

So, It could be a regular or feminized seed; I see no mention of which you think you got, or what you ordered.

It could be an auto. However; You say it is over 2 months old, and it looks kind of normal for 2 month. We cannot always give you the answer you want by looking at a picture. We can only do our best. All I can advise you to do is finish it when the trichomes show the % of amber trichomes you are looking for.

It is what it is and no amount of guess work is going to change that. I hope you get a good potent yield.

Happy growing

p.s. I edited the confusing post above where you said “autos”, and added Strawberry Kush in front of autos for clarification. peace plants are doing the same thing and I was totally worried. I have some Blue Dream flowering next to some Babba thats totally not.

Outdoor. California Coast.

One thing is for sure based on the trichs showing already…that is going to be some frosty bud…good luck to you!

Sweet looking chick you have there.

Thanks she is looking good