Old School Garage closet Grow Auto run

I decided to start this auto run on a new post seeing as the other one was over a year old and just kept it going. I know autos do their own thing, obvious from the last auto skittlez run but experimenting with seedling stage, veg and flower durations. The last run had 2 finish that were 8 and 10 days younger than the other 2. One left to fully harvest in a week or so and the one I chopped 2/3 of and put back under the light. Week 1 of veg over for the 4 autos below:
Sour D #2 and Northern Lights #2 growing in coco loco
Sour D #3 and Northern Lights #3 growing in Happy Frog

Last of the Skittlez, the 1 I put back under the light has fattened up and frosty.


Sour D #1 and Northern Lights #1 raise the skittlez :love_you_gesture:

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@Imjustlearning moved my auto run to a new post if you wanna tag along :love_you_gesture:

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@OGIncognito hey tag me! Your it!!would like to follow along .thanks.

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Mee too


@Mr_Wormwood @Smalls right on, tag along :love_you_gesture:

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Hell yeah I’m in

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Hope ya don’t mind me tagging along😀

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Tag along, experimenting with some autos :love_you_gesture:

What’s the deal with the aluminum foil thingy I’m curious

That’s reflective insulation board or wrap. It reflects the light back onto the plants :love_you_gesture:

So when should I do mine

Them stems hella thick did u use the silcia stuff

Are you growing in a tent?

Yes, I start using silica around week 3-4. Your coco mix has enough nutes to water only until then.

No my closet lol no tent

Gotcha, no worries. It’s in your house and you’re able to keep temps lower than 80-82 and RH of 65-70% for the seedling stage. If you’re closet is painted white, it’ll reflect the light as well. My garage closet was built by me, so I chose to use the reflective wrap. How are you exhausting the stale air? Do you have a small oscillating fan inside the closet? Sorry on the question overload. I deal with conditioning issues and know how important this area of the grow is :love_you_gesture:

Hope you don’t mind if I follow along quietly. :slightly_smiling_face::+1:


Please and step in if I’m guiding @Imjustlearning in the wrong direction. Appreciate that Bulldognuts :love_you_gesture:


New auto run update: for this experiment what I’m calling week 2 of veg starts today. 24 days from sprout, counting 10 days for germ seedling. Did some light tie downs, tried to fim 2 and top 2 but looks like 3 tops and 1 F**k I Missed. The last Skittlez should finish up in the next 2-4 days. The Sour D and Northern Lights are back on track, I did a complete reservoir drain and clean and Jacks at 3/4 strength this time. Sour D at day 60 and day 65 for the Northern Lights :love_you_gesture: