Old Man thinks trouble

Starting day11. This morning I checked & Plants looked good. Humidity and temp has been fairly consistent. I have tried to be cautious about watering. On day 9 I added 22oz about 4 “ from the plant. Lights are at 24” . This evening I noticed what appears to be curling leaves. Also noticed what may be tiny creatures. Vision is poor, attached photos are best I can offer. Thanks for any help.

I didn’t hear you mention anything about ph so I’m guessing you dont monitor it which is probably your issue ph conscious ppl usually are quick to mention it when there new to growing …do you know what your ph is what kind if dirt and what’s your waters ph and are you adjusting your ph of any nutrients …of you could fill out a support ticket copy and paste it and just put your answers what ever you dobt know just leave it blank it will help us narrow down your problem and if you got any question in the future you can use a "@"and some name like @Parava and you are tagging them and ask a question I’m always on here so :v::sunglasses: dont hesitate to ask
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I have a Blue Lab Ph pen. I had planned to do a check tomorrow. 5 Gal. Fabric with Ocean Forest , a Dixie’s cup size center of Light Warrior. Plants broke ground on 4th. Ocean Forest Ph 6.1, tap ph 7. TDS 167. . I haven’t read much about getting samples for test. Where and how deep into pot should I go? And Thanks For the @ …
I will start using it.

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Well when u water you should be phing regularly and being in fox farm and if your liquid in is in the 6.5 area u should be ok to adjust you will need a up and down bottle when you start mixing food… FF wight warrior …great seed starting soil I use as well… ff ocean forest is good to and for you to be going light warrior to ocean forest is optimal in my opinion I use light warrior to happy frog hut I used to do 3 steps of light warrior to ocean forest then to strawberry feilds … if you go in right ph u will be fine … do you have a blue lab pen or the truncheon soil probe…u want the ph pen and tds and ph meter

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Just note that you end up watering till run off wait until the soils dry. U end up overwatered cause it had too much moisture already. Then squeeze around the pot to loosen the dirt so roots dont suffocate since its still smaller

As for the ‘bugs,’ put one of those yellow bug sticky things somewhere near your plant. Check it the next day for intruders. Keeping the grow area clean? No damp spots around your pot? @Parava

Plants are are a couple of days short of two weeks. No water spots . Never had any run off. Sides of pot not even damp at the bottom. Took two Ph readings of both pots . One just below the surface 5.6 one 4” deep 5.7. Other pot about the same . Notice that both seemed dry. Ph of water 7, I have been so concerned about over watering. They may be lacking. Temp has been running between 75/80 and humidity 40 to 60%. . 300 watt light 25” from plants. 6” Cloudline running 22cfm and a 6” fan sitting on floor to help with circulation. Co2 running 650 most of the time. I am elderly, pushing 80. I am tech challenged & have not quite figured out how to properly use the forum. Just learned about the support ticket. Hope to have it filled soon. Thanks for all the help and all the others also.

  • What strain, Jack Herer Autos 11 days old , ilgm
  • Method: Soil , Ocean Forest with Dixie cup size core of Light Warrior
  • Vessels: Pots, 5gal. Fabric
  • PH of Water, 7. Soil solution. 5.7
  • TDS 180
  • Indoor
  • Light system Mars Hydro TSL 2000, 300 watt , handing 24” above plants.
  • Temps; 75/78
  • Humidity; 50%/65%
  • Ventilation system; Cloud line 6” exhaust running on lowest setting 22cfm., 6” carbon filter, passive intake from basement. One 6” oscillating fan on floor
  • AC, Humidifier, small runs 24/7.
  • Co2; No… running 550/650
    I hope I have done this right. Is this for you eyes only? Do I need to do this evert time I post?
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No that’s a public post everyone can see I’ll take a look gime a sec

They dont seem to bad what nutrients are you using or gonna use?.. kinda looks like beads of water from nutes on the leaves in the light there like magnifying glasses and make hot spots on leaves similar to that depending on light and water droplet size

Have not used nutes yet, I have looked at a trio package from Fox Farm. The droplets were drips from watering.

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Glad we found the culprit

I just finished off a Jack Herer auto. Base soil was FF Ocean Forest that I amended considerably. The feed ph was always between 6.3 to 6.7.

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2week old, Jack Herer. Today’s numbers. Temp 76, humidity 68%, Ph 71 ( soil sample 3 “ deep). Plants are 6” high. Some curling on a few leaves 3 days ago. Raised lights to 27” haven’t seen any new curling. .Thanks to all folks for the help. ILGM forum and guides have been very helpful. I am pleased how these plants look. If you would like to see closer photos I can do that. Thanks again, I am sure there be a lot more questions over the next 3 months. @Nicky

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@Nicky I really like that screen setup you got for drainage. Great idea!

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Thanks Nicky, I thought I would have to deal with a lot of runoff but so far none. Do the numbers seem ok?

Try to bump your temp up just a bit more, are you using a controller to control your exhaust fan set at a temp?
Try to shoot for 78f and at this young your RH is goot 65-75%

Download a cannabis VPD chart and post it on your grow room wall or nearby refer to it mine is in C so I won’t post it.

You said PH 71?
You mean 7.1?
Thats a bit high try to drop it down 6.3-6.8 range
In flower its more important to keep 6.5-6.8 if you want to get picky because of the availability of P&K. You can do this by controlling the water you feed. Just water it with 6.3 PH water from now on
TDS number from soil sample?

Keep an eye on your growth, you want your nodes abiut 1 inch apart, lighting should be backed off quite a bit until pre flower/pre stretch then crank it. If you crank it to hard early on your plant will be a tiny little bush which comes with its own issues. But don’t want it to stretch to much either.

If your in soil you want to avoid run off for the first 4 weeks, the more run off the more nutrients that’s lost from your soil. Once you need to start feeding ensure 20% run off to avoid salting up and locking out due to ph issues.

Ps I didn’t psot a screen lol what’s up?

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I thanked the wrong tag. Your tag was in the compliment. Still don’t know where I should put the tag. Answers. I have a 6” Cloudline fan with auto features but have been using it on manual. I tweet the fan speed, power of lights, and level of humidifier to control temp and humidity. Downloaded the chart .Ordered up and down, be here Sat. Right now I am watering 22oz every other day. 4th node at top of plant. Strong looking stem and inch + between. Lots of small growth at bottom of plant. Raised light another two inch’s. Now setting at 29”. Appreciate all the info and help. This has added a spark to my senior years.

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Spark lol

Do you have the T series fan with the controller? Sounds like it.

Your best bet is to to go to AUTO ON
Set your max temp
Turn minium temp Off (go down)
Set max humidity
Turn min humidity OFF
then cycle with mode back around so you sit back on AUTO On max temp.

Now it’s set and it will do all the work

Will do