Autoflower Day 10 Happy Frog and Ocean Forest 50/50 Mix

Does my plants seem to be doing ok for them to be on day 10 just ph water? One is Blue Berry Cheese Cream Auto and the other is Wedding Pie


Have you checked for pests? It’s almost look like something ate it

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They look good but possibly a tad over watered i also get sprouts that come out the seed scraggly looking it happens from time to time it should grow out of it within the next node or two it produces


Day 14 above ground

And day 7 Just for comparison.

I started them in red solos with hole punched out of the bottoms. FFOF, 18/6 light and water with tap water. I just started ph water today and they are 22 days old and transplanted in their final 3 gal pot.


Looking good Growmie for 7 days. Looks overwatered though. Make sure there’s holes in the solo cup :love_you_gesture:


Agree, need to back off on the water.


You already have this question in another thread. :face_with_peeking_eye:FFHF and Ocean Forest 50/50 Day 10 Autoflower
Please do not create multiple threads for the same issue. It is easier for everyone to help if you stick to one thread per issue. :face_with_monocle: A mod will be along to merge the two. :+1:


This is the next day is it getting better or worse I turned my vivosun up to 50%

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Could be too much, if you don’t have a meter set the light by the manufacturer’s recommendation :love_you_gesture:


Ok I put it back to 25% I’ll update in the morning hopefully it comes out like the other one

Download the photone app. For a seedling you want around 150 to 200 ppfd

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Wanted to point out there is a full address in one of the photos, may want to delete and repost one

Do you think autoflower grow more when the lights are out?

I don’t know if they grow more but I think auto’s do better with a rest period 18 on 6 off

Theres nothing srong with your sprout

Sometimes autos come out ugly and look totally funky, but usually grow out of it.


@James420 This is how she looks today I have the light off right now for 4 hours @Autofreak


18/6 is your sweet spot for autos. You want your girls to be able to chill out and rest a bit to concentrate on root development. Stronger roots = happy plant.

As far as yoir quirky leaves go, she’ll grow out of it. Patience my friend. You will be rewarded in the end.


@ChittyChittyBangin thanks for the advice those are beautiful I’m currently doing 20/4 is that still good

Thats better, but id still back it down. Its a win /win. Youll conserve electricity and cut down on heat in your tent, plus your girls will thank you :slight_smile: