FFHF and Ocean Forest 50/50 Day 10 Autoflower

FFHF and Ocean Forest 50/50 Day 10 Autoflower I have only been giving them spring water ph 6.5 once a week do they look ok? When should I start giving nutrients I am using Fox Farm Trio nutrients?

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Your medium looks awfully wet. Small plants need very little and I would be leery of watering an autoflower too much for fear of stalling it out.

The soil you are in will last for at least 5 or 6 weeks before you should consider adding supplements. Once again you need to be careful of too high a salt level in your medium for fear it will stall out your plants.


They only need a few ml of water a day at this point.

Means stopping growth. Cannabis needs wet/dry cycles for proper root health.

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Should I just spray the top with a water bottle and leave the soil alone until it dries?

I agree. I am a big fan of “domes” covering seedlings to keep Rh high. Seedlings get their moisture through the air at first until roots are established. Any clear cover will do. I use a fishbowl or a juice jug cut off.

Cannabis does not like constantly wet soil. It will cause root rot and other issues that will cause the plant to not grow well.

Yes, you can actually wait for the plant to “droop” a little before adding water again.

Classic overwatering symptom.


I have tooth picks at the bottom of my cup where the holes are to make sure the soil airs out is that good enough or should I turn my light setting up more and lower my plant so it can dry out the soil? I also leave my light on for 24hrs


Make sure you have about a zillion holes in the cups (sides too) and just don’t water for a while.
Here’s me using a dome.

See all the condensation inside? That is close to 100% Rh in there. I started with moist soil and have not added any at this point. See also how the soil looks dry around it but moist inside.
This one was in “intensive care” because it wasn’t growing.


I have 3 -4 holes at the bottom I need more?

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The light you have is fine for seedlings, but unless you are planning on moving those outdoors you are going to need more lighting as the light will not flower 3 plants. You need, in general, 200 watts of quality lighting per plant. Good lighting is built with Samsung LM301 diodes and you can expect to pay ~$1.00 per watt for quality cannabis lighting. Look at models from HLG, Spider Farmer, and Mars Hydro. HLG is the best. The other 2 use diodes that are a generation old, but still work quite well.

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It’s only 2 the 3rd cup isn’t doing anything so is 1 light ok for the two plants

Yeah, lots more. At least a dozen up and down the sides. Those are fabric planters in my pictures and water will seep right out if I water too fast.

As @MidwestGuy said, it will do for seedlings and early veg but will likely make spindly plants and light, airy buds.
My set up has 2 Mars Hydro T-1000 (150 watts each) for a 2x4 footprint & however many plants I can cram under there. (I don’t count the shelf in back.) It does ok but should be nearly double that for really tight buds. Mine turn out ok but they are not ever “rock hard”.

This picture :arrow_down:is current. Autos on the right, top center and at top left, photo (just flipped) on left, her clones center bottom and on top shelf(temporarily).


Hey Brother, the lights you we’re discussing, what do they cost and 2 would cover how many sq. Ft. Or how many plants. Also what is the purpose of the bowl covering seedling. One more, bottom picture on right what strain and if auto how many weeks. If you have time, I know everyone is busy
Thanks DUDE12

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I got one of them on sale but they are around $125.00 US on Amazon.

I get fair results in a 2x4 area or 8 sq. ft. I was previously in a 32x32 tent.

That depends on how the plant grows. The canopy is what matters. If you put too many plants and they grow well then they will be crowded and have to compete for space. If the plants don’t grow well enough to fill the space then you have wasted light.

That is a fresh cut clone and I use the dome to keep humidity very high while the roots develop. Same thing with seedlings. The plant gets it’s moisture from the air until roots are developed.

There are actually 2 plants there. One in front is skinny with only 4 tops. It is an unknown “purple something” auto. Seeds came from a hermied plant of a Gro-Bro.
The big girl on the right is White Widow auto from ILGM. I lost track of weeks but it is about 1 week in flower.

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Hey Brother thank you for the prompt answers. Informative. I don’t want to bother you and this in no way has to be answered anytime soon. Please tell how to take a clone. I have 2 blue dream autos, 2 Orange Sherbet autos, 1 Sour Diesel and something Chocolate from Fastbuds. All from FBs except Sour Diesel is from Humboldt seed co. I would like to take a few clones to start but haven’t done that but I do root J-Maples and Crepe Myrtles

Dean Sturkie

You can’t really clone autos, it’s a waste of your time and resources.

You take a good healthy cutting from a lower section of the plant, use a cloning solution and place them in a rock wool cube or something equivalent. Use a large tray with a lid and for 10-14 days you must keep humidity high until you have roots growing from the stem.
Tons of videos out there.

This is true. By the time the branches are woody enough for a clone, they have started flowering and it is near impossible to get an auto to re-veg.

Can use same process but do it on a photoperiod plant, not an auto. :+1:

@DUDE12 @HMGRWN @Myfriendis410

Do they look ok gave a couple drops of water this morning haven’t watered sense last Saturday

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Hey anyone think 3 weeks in I should have tops on Blue dream autos. Started Apr. 17.