Oils for K9 help

@blackthumbbetty. I know we talked a couple weeks ago about oils for dogs. I mentioned my hoss and how he has started having troubles. Sadly they have steadily declined and the cold weather isn’t helping. Was wondering if you could give a link or video on how to prepare and how to measure dosage. Thanks a million and big D says thanks as well


What are you looking to make? CBD oil? What kind of materials do you have to work with?

Let’s get Hoss some meds.

One in day 2 of darkness. Some that’s been curing for 2 wks

Which ever will be a safer but effective. 15 yro mastiff 130lbs

You have hemp or CBD heavy plants?

Unfortunately no. I checked the breeder page and its
“suppose to be” low on CBD

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If you can get some hemp or CBD heavy plants, that’s what Hoss needs. Dog’s THC receptors are extremely sensitive, so they cannot tolerate much in the way of THC without developing static ataxia.

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There’s still a BOGO sale on hemp trim, if you’re interested.


edit: sorry, had to edit out the link. This is a good topic so hopefully the OP can source it

Yes it is. Pets are like family. This is off topic but do you know any recipes to make the juices for vape pens? Love them bc they blend in when out and about but they are expensive.

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Thanks for the heads up! Just ordered some. Going to make Cbd oil for the pups. I bought some high quality Cbd oil for dogs from a reputable place and my boy seemed to be allergic to it. I’m hoping it was the carrier oil or the beef flavoring that bothered him. I’m going to make it using mct oil as I know he’s not allergic to that. Fingers crossed

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It’s with a heavy heart that I have to post that my brother gained his wings today. Last time we spoke his health was deteriorating rapidly and today he had to be put down while I’ll was at work. Started having bloody loose stool so we took him to the vet. 2 stomach tumors. Cherish the moments with family, it ends all too quickly. Miss you already Dozer, I hope we meet again big guy.

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Oh, no! What heart-breaking news! I sincerely feel great sorrow to read of Dozer’s passing. If you need anything, we’re here for you.