Anyone give their pets cbd?

Our pug gets all scared and sheds feom stress ahen I try to take him to the parents a hours away. Ordered some standard strength drops wondering if any of you have given dogs of cats cbd and if so how much?


We give our dogs cbd oil that came from our local hydro store. Recommended dosage is 5 ml. Not to sure it helps. My oldest dog is 10 yrs. He has joint issues. We have a female that is 9 yrs old. She is extremely hyper. Like I said I’m not sure how much it helps, but I figure it doesn’t hurt. This is Otis and Molly.


We have a 1/4 beagle puggle rescue named Luke Skywalker. I’m gonna try it figure I can out drops on a treat. Nice dogs btw. Hes 2 I just want him to relax on the 2 hour trip there. He stresses so much he starts shedding like crazy.

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We give them a treat and have the dose ready, then quickly squirt it into their mouth.

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How potent is what you gave them. I got standard its from Lazarus naturals supposedly hight quality.

The state I live in requires that all sales in retail stores have to be produced in the state. I believe they feel there would be some control over the quality and ingredients. I’m not sure about online sales. I don’t believe I would want to order online unless I was absolutely sure about where it was being produce. I’m at work right now, not sure of the strength and name of product.

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Our pup died a couple years ago, if I had known the benefits of CBD then she would have been on it, she had bad arthritis. If you are interested in making your own you can save a ton of money vs retail. We have been making our own gummies for almost a year. Check out Fully Activated CBD they are having Black Friday sales and they are the best prices I’ve seen.

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Lazarus naturals made in Oregon non GMO not additional things added. They were a top 3 brand when I read up on this.

Yeah maybe once I have a bigger tent I might do a high cbd think I got seeds for free actually sitting somewhere.

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